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February 2 | Mark 6:14-20





Stranger Things

by Judy Webb

"King Herod heard about this, for Jesus' name had become well known." (Mark 6:14)

What had Herod heard about Jesus? We need to back up to Mark 6:13 to understand that Herod knew Jesus had sent his disciples to preach repentance, the very subject of John's conversation with Herod. John was building a relationship with the king, a relationship which gave John the opportunity to speak to Herod's heart. He pointed out it wasn't lawful for Herod to have (Herodias), his brother's wife, as his own. (Verse 18)

"... Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man. When Herod heard John, he was greatly puzzled; yet he like to listen to him." (Mark 6:19-20)

What was Herod greatly puzzled about? Was the sin of sleeping with his brother's wife a new concept to him? Was John revealing truths that the king didn't understand? Is it possible Herod was trying to put the puzzle pieces together because he saw nothing wrong with his lifestyle and yet was feeling conviction? Possibly he liked some of what he heard even if he didn't understand?

I imagine there could have been a time you or I were so entangled in sin we couldn't see the damage it was doing to us. This is the way of sin sometimes. It masquerades as normal, even comfortable and exciting. Was there someone who pointed out the evil of our ways, or did we just suddenly hit bottom? Bottom is often where we can see truth and become motivated to change.

What about you and me and the people we want to tell our story to? Can our experiences help us have this much needed conversation? It is important to remember that we aren't the one who will save or convert our friend; it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that this will happen. Our only duty is to make a path, to share our faith, our story, our testimony of love and forgiveness. If a man like King Herod could become captivated by the stories of Jesus, is it just possible our unbelieving friends or neighbors could also become convicted to change and embrace the truth? Stranger things have happened.


Jesus, help each of us to step out boldly and tell that certain person whom you have placed on our hearts, why we love you. Give us courage to stop second guessing ourselves and just be a friend, an honest friend who has something to say. Amen.

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Feb 02

Good afternoon, Judy. Your message is compelling and convicting at the same time. I have been involved in prison ministry for 28 years and have seen how "sharing the Good News" is so well received by many hardened criminals. They are a captive audience seeking hope and forgiveness--the Gospel satisfies both. Most have hit bottom while incarcerated and are welcome listeners. So often, our friends and neighbors have good lives and really don't feel the need of the promises of God's Word. How different it is for those who have lost everything. Regardless, your call to share our lives and the message of salvation is an honor and a privilege.

Robin Lorms

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