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February 10 | Luke 12:13-21





A Rich Harvest

by Jennifer Jerrome

Sometimes in life, we fall into the trap of "bigger is better" and decide to abandon what we have. In certain cases, rebuilding is what’s called for, but often what we have is what we need.

In today’s parable, the rich man constructed new barns to keep the extra harvest for himself. He boasted about his ingenuity, not thinking of what was at stake. If he had used the barns he already had, then the surplus could be shared with others.

God asks us to give up our greed and fill ourselves with Him. He is the abundant harvest we seek. He doesn’t want us constructing fancy new buildings to store our possessions, because true riches aren't contained within physical walls.

It’s also interesting to note that verse 16 says, “The ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant harvest.” It doesn’t say the rich man yielded the harvest; it was the fertile ground that did so. Fertile ground is the starting point for an abundant life, so may we all be fertile ground for God’s fruitful harvest and share those riches with others.


Father, you meet us right where we are. You are not impressed by earthly possessions. It’s you we need to prepare for. May we overflow with your abundance and share your heavenly riches with those around us. Amen.

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Judy Webb
Judy Webb
10 févr. 2023

"Fertile ground is the starting point for an abundant life", I will carry this statement with me this day. Thank you Jennifer.

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