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December 7 | Isaiah 22:1-14


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You are Loved

by Judy Webb

Psalm 22:1 “What troubles you now, that you have all gone up on the roofs, you town so full of commotion, you city of tumult and revelry?”

I read through this Psalm a number of times, trying to find a tie in to Advent, but to no avail. Then I began studying some of the words or phrases and suddenly it became clear to me that this Psalm is revealing our desperate need for a Savior.

I can see a direct correlation between the descriptions of society during the time of Isaiah and our society today. We are “full of commotion,” and in bondage to the evil of a sinful world. And I recognize that there will always be evil, (sin) in the world until the day our Savior returns. So, with each verse I read in this Psalm I began to see the need for a Savior; One who will change hearts and move Spirits toward love.

I believe we can draw such comfort from this Advent season as we discover the true meaning of it: coming into view, place or being. For we are preparing for Jesus’ first coming (into view) and remembering how the world changed for those who embraced this event. We can parallel this with when Jesus first came into view for each of us – how our world, our behavior, changed.

If we are honest, (and by we I mean me), our approach to daily living changed from only caring about today and the fun to be had in the moment, to realizing there is much more to life than we have previously experienced. A whole new world opens up. The cry of “Let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die,” (verse 13) changes to a cry for mercy and forgiveness. We see that there is so much more to life than this momentary party.

Jesus’ coming is huge, not just for Christians, but for everyone! Even if they don’t know it yet. Let’s make sure everyone within our sphere of influence has been introduced to Jesus and the best life there is while here on earth. Help everyone to know they are loved.



Dear Jesus, give us courage to share the good news, to tell of the Gospel to those we know need to hear the story. Make the coming year the one we did everything we could to change the world and introduce it to You. Come Holy Spirit, fill us with wisdom and courage. Amen

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