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August 5 | Acts 2:22-28


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The Risen Jesus Goes Before You

by Pastor Jeff Morlock

Life is hard. So is doing what Jesus calls us to do as his disciples. Consequently, our best ministry is often forged in the fires of disappointment, pain, and suffering. Imagine what Jesus’ disciples had been through. They came to understand from the Scriptures that he was God’s anointed, sent to save Israel. At first, they had their own ideas of what that might mean. They felt guilty for running away when Jesus was arrested. Forgetting everything he told them, they were distressed by His crucifixion, amazed by His resurrection, and perplexed by his ascension into heaven. But the pain of losing their Master led them to persevere in prayer. In the face of many temptations to distraction, they stayed focused on Jesus. They experienced joy and rest and hope because, come what may, they knew that sin and death do not have the last word. Peter and the others refused to be shaken by the unbelief of those who rejected their message. They refused to be shaken by the hostility of authorities who sought to silence them, because they saw the Risen Lord always before them. Eventually after many days of prayer, the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell on them. Jesus’ teaching and God’s plan became clear. Peter was transformed from a timid denier into a bold and confident preacher of God’s Word at Pentecost.

This text reminds me that no matter what kingdom work God has called me to do or what challenges and disappointments I may face, no matter what doubts I may have, the Risen Jesus is always before me. I have his favor. He has poured out his Spirit upon me and placed me in a loving Oasis community with supportive sisters and brothers. And he has promised to lead me in the paths of life, no matter what.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you that when we feel alone, discouraged or overwhelmed, your Son is ever before us, leading us from death to life, and giving us the gift of joy that nothing can take from us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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