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August 23 | Jeremiah 17:12-16






by Kim Starr

“God is good all the time! All the time, God is good.” These words are frequently said in affirmation of God’s goodness to us. Russ Nagy says these words at the conclusion of every New Year’s Eve Jazz Service, and it always warms my heart to think of God’s goodness as I end one year and begin the next.

How often do you think about God’s goodness? I’ve been trying to concentrate on my prayer life, and I have intentionally added in praising and thanking God to my prayers. I praise God for always being with me, directing my path, and holding me tight. I also specifically thank God for things I’ve noticed He’s done for me and others. Adding these two aspects to my prayers helps me to focus on the goodness of God and not just go to Him with lists of requests.

In the first sixteen chapters of his book, Jeremiah has seen Israel’s people morally disintegrating, destroyed in battle by her enemies, and exiled to foreign lands. He has been prophesying to them that their willful disobedience will bring about God’s judgment on them. Beginning with this chapter, Jeremiah switches gears and shares words of hope.

In our passage for today, Jeremiah is extolling God’s virtues. He talks about God’s throne being the place of our sanctuary, that God is the hope of Israel (and us), and that God is the spring of living water. Jeremiah trusts in all that God can do: fulfill His word, heal, and save. Jeremiah tells God, “for you are the one I praise.” (verse 14)

Let’s join with Jeremiah and praise God! Our God is a King and, like the Israelites, we are residents and citizens of His Kingdom. We are children of God and our purpose is to serve His will on earth and accomplish His plans. If you would like to start praising God right now, listen, and sing along, to Praise You Anywhere by Brandon Lake.


Oh God, you are worthy of our praise! Thank you for being our Lord and King. We are in awe of all you do and plan for us. Help us to serve your purposes and accomplish your plans. Amen.

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