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August 16 | 2 Samuel 19:11-23





Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

by David Thompson

David had a hard life up until today's passage. He had many run-ins with many selfish people until now. His own son, Absalom, betrayed him and wanted to kill him. Still David put out an order that no one was to harm Absalom. That had to crush David that his own son could go against him. That wasn't the end of that story as David had a number two man named Joab at his side. To David's face, Joab supported David's decisions, but behind David's back, he couldn't be trusted. Joab even violated David's order to not harm Absalom. As we know, Joab schemed with others and killed Absalom causing David great anguish.

Have you ever had a trusted friend or business partner that you thought had your back always? Then you found out that they had been gossiping about you behind your back? Didn't the knowledge of a betrayal hurt? Perhaps it hurt worse if the betrayer was thought to be your friend and colleague. It brings back a memory of the last two years of my 37-year career as an educator. I was a school administrator the final 18 years of my career. I was a hard worker and made great improvements in the academic abilities of the students. However, there was a change in superintendents. He was all sweetness and supportive to my face, but he had been a building level administrator. His allegiances were not to me, and he would question my authority in front of others. That betrayal hurt my ability to do my job. I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel, so after two years of that behavior, I retired.

The passage goes on to tell of the beginning of King David's reign in Judah. It ends on a celebration, and it seemed that everything with David was getting better and better. Unfortunately, as we know, things were not good.


Lord, help us with our relationships with others and support us as we do your will, even if at times it seems that others are not supporting us. Help us to count on You when we have a hurt brought on by a breaking of trust. The answers to many of our problems can be found in your Word. Amen.

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