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August 15 | 2 Samuel 16:5-14





Respond With Humility

by Mary Kate Hipp

Imagine you are with David and his men when they reach Bahurim. You have just completed a long and tiring journey/intensive hike. You are exhausted as you enter the village. Suddenly, Shimei comes out of the village screaming and cursing your leader. As if you are not tired enough already, Shimei begins throwing stones. You are listening to this foolish man speak lies about your king. How would you feel? Angry? Irritated? Wanting to retaliate? Defensive? Many of my feelings would have been negative, vengeful or vindictive.

David, however, responds with a posture of humility. David understands that God is the God of justice. God could stop Shimei if He wanted to and so David does not allow anyone else to stop Shimei. David and his men kept walking as Shimei continued to follow them in his cowardly ways.

Now I assume that most of us do not often encounter people following us, blaspheming, and throwing stones our way. But I suspect that many of us could relate to the need to rely on the knowledge that God is the God of justice. He will reign and He will judge. Even up to the cross, Jesus demonstrated this same humility. The justice of God will reign. He did not need to silence the mockers or punish the sinners. Instead he cried out, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing." His justice alone is the only justice that matters.

When we encounter moments of wanting to take justice into our own hands, may we be reminded of the humility of David. May we relinquish our desires of taking control, getting revenge, and sitting in bitterness unto the Lord. For we too have fallen short, we too are deserving of the justice of God. Psalm 51 expresses that we have sinned against God, above all else, we sin against God. We desperately need the loving mercy of the Lord. May we be cleansed by hyssop and be pure as the psalmist pleas.

May you take comfort in the justice of the Lord this week. Rest in the knowledge and in the power of His righteousness.


O God we praise you. Grant us humility today as we hungrily seek after Your justice and rely on You alone. Amen.

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