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August 10 | Amos 8:9-12





The Word is Alive and Active!

by Judy Webb

Amos means "burden-bearer." He was a prophet, and if you think about it, prophets were certainly burden-bearers. They understood God's words to them, they recognized how sinful and evil the people were and they knew their share the warning to repent.

These prophets were seldom listened to and often they were criticized and ostracized for their proclamations. "The days are coming, 'declares the Sovereign LORD.'" (Amos 8:11) Amos shared with the people, warnings of terrible strife and suffering which would come if things didn't change.

There is much foreshadowing in the Book of Amos. One could easily read of Jesus' suffering and death as we study Amos.

  • Amos and other prophets foretold of Earthquakes - Even the land would shudder because of people's sin. Matthew 27:51 reads, "...the earth shook, the rocks split."

  • There would be darkness (as when Christ died), mourning as if for an only son (Jesus?). Impending judgment as verse 9 tells: "I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight." Parallel this with Mark 15:33 and Matthew 27:45. The people were killing the Light of the World.

  • And famine. Food for the body would be scarce but even more troubling is the famine of spiritual nourishment. God would be silent so the people could not hear from Him.

Prophesies were fulfilled at the Cross. It is so exciting to read from books of the Old Testament and open our eyes and ears to recognize how these books always point to or refer to Jesus. That is the Bible coming alive!


Dear Lord, how you care for us and teach us every day. We open our Bible, and we see ourselves, our situations, and Your love and grace in each and every one. There truly is nothing new, and Your Word still feels fresh when applied to our individual lives. Thank You. Amen.

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