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April 5 | Matthew 24:1-21



Matthew 24:1-21



The End of the World As We Know It?

by Katie Borden

It sure feels like the end of the world is upon us sometimes, doesn’t it? Just in the past couple of weeks, we have experienced another heart-wrenching school shooting; terrifying tornadoes ripped through the middle of our country; the unprecedented indictment of a former president was announced; tensions and violence continue to escalate in Russia; and there are still people in the global South who are enduring perpetually abysmal living conditions while being quietly left out of our news cycles. For instance, Haiti is essentially being run by corrupt officials and violent gangs, with what seems like no hope for a return of governmental and societal stability. And after writing all of that, I still feel like I’m giving important news the shaft because there’s just not enough space to write down all of the cataclysmic current events in this small space.

With a news week like this, we wonder where the good news is anymore.

In this overwhelming moment, may I reintroduce you to Jesus?

The passage that we read today reminds me of the hope I have in Jesus in the midst of this life’s crises. Let me share with you why I find hope here, even—and maybe especially—in the midst of a text that warns of trials, tribulations, and suffering.