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April 3 | Mark 16:14-18





Whose Power?

by Katie Borden

Do you ever read a story and immediately see yourself in one of the characters? This happens to me often, even and especially when I read the Bible. As a kid, I was tempted to see myself in all the heroes of the stories. But today, more often than not, I look into the “mirror” of Scripture and find the eyes of the betrayer, or the helpless, or the one with “stubborn refusal to believe”

(v14) staring straight back at me.

I’ve probably said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again: the longer I live in life with Jesus, the more I am aware of just how much I need Him. And as I read today’s Scripture passage, I am so grateful that the work of the Gospel is so much more powerful than any work I can contrive under my own power.

Notice that, after the risen Jesus rebukes the disciples, he doesn’t tell them to “get their act together” before sending them on the mission he has laid out for them. Jesus puts his finger on the disciples’ lack of faith and then immediately gives them the charge that he knows is impossible for them under their own power. Jesus asks these disciples, who are unworthy of the call, to bear the news of his Gospel to all creation. You and I both know that they’re not up for the task, just as we’re not up for the tasks of being the worthy boss, or worthy spouse, or worthy mentor, or worthy parent–in our own power, we are not up to that for which we have been called.

Thank God that, in Christ and by his Spirit, he regenerates us and makes us worthy. Thank God that he works in and through us, continually forming us into the image of Christ. And when we see the fruit of God’s work in our lives, we can thank him for that, too. 

At the end of the day, it all gives glory to God for his power at work. That mirror we talked about at the beginning? It shows me what I am not so that I can more clearly see God for who he is, and for who he is making me to be, all to his glory. Praise God for his goodness and grace!


Spend some time today in honest reflection with God about who is really in the “mirror” looking back at you. Then thank God for his forgiveness and power that is making all things new–including you.

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Apr 03

Good morning, Katie.

I read and reread this scripture this morning amazed, once again, of how dependent we really are on Jesus through the Holy Spirit to work in us "to will and act according to His good purposes". I have not spent nearly as much time in Mark as I have in the other 3 gospels. Today's reading made me stop and read it again. It was actually new news to me that such stubborn hearts were refusing to believe their companions who spent days on end together with Jesus. At least 3 people had been eye witnesses to 'having seen Him after His resurrection". Seriously??? What does it take to believe such a testimony from trusted friends an…

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