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April 28 | Psalm 33:1-11





Sing? Sing!

by Kim Starr

Recently I had a very tough week. It was emotionally and physically exhausting and I was just done. Of course, I wasn't allowed to be done, so I’d been praying fervently to God and, while I received some peace, I also knew the situations I was dealing with were not over. Then I was assigned to write about this passage.

What did I learn?

· I am to sing joyfully to the Lord. He is worthy of my praise. I am to make music to him, sing a new song, and shout for joy.

· The Lord’s word is right and true. The Lord is faithful in all that he does, and the earth is full of His unfailing love.

· The Lord’s word spoke into being the heavens, the stars, and the sea. He spoke and it all came into being. He commanded it and it stood firm.

· We are to fear and revere the Lord.

· The Lord thwarts our plans and the plans of nations.

· The Lord’s plans stand firm as do the purposes of His heart.

After reading this Psalm, I started singing and praising His name. I didn’t sit down at my piano, but I did sing rather loudly, and with a smile on my face. I also realized that anything I wanted to do to change what I was going through was foolish. Sure, I had to be diligent and follow up, but the Lord was in control. He had a plan in place and His plan was going to persevere no matter what I did. By trying to redirect or alter what was going on, I was only getting in the way. So, I sang some more, thanked Him for having everything under control, and asked Him what He wanted me to do to further His plan.

I know I am in very good hands. The Lord will be faithful to me and His unfailing love will support and sustain me. I can count on what He says and that it will come into being. The results will stand firm, and I will be just fine.


Dear Lord, we all face challenges and difficulties each day. Help us remember that You are in control and Your plans will stand firm. Help us to praise You for this and remember that Your unfailing love surrounds us. In Your holy name we pray, Amen.

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Judy Webb
Judy Webb
Apr 28, 2023

Singing in the midst of trouble or difficult times does lift the dark mood and allow some light to enter in. Who can sing a song of praise without a change of heart? Our spirits begin to soar while we sing--so keep on singing! Thank you for this devotion Kim.

Replying to

Judy, thank you so much for your kind words. Singing really does help and does change your heart. And praising our good God while singing is even better! He is always with us and I know He enjoys it when we make a joyful noise. God bless, Kim

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