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April 28 | Psalm 33:1-11



Psalm 33:1-11



Sing? Sing!

by Kim Starr

Recently I had a very tough week. It was emotionally and physically exhausting and I was just done. Of course, I wasn't allowed to be done, so I’d been praying fervently to God and, while I received some peace, I also knew the situations I was dealing with were not over. Then I was assigned to write about this passage.

What did I learn?

· I am to sing joyfully to the Lord. He is worthy of my praise. I am to make music to him, sing a new song, and shout for joy.

· The Lord’s word is right and true. The Lord is faithful in all that he does, and the earth is full of His unfailing love.

· The Lord’s word spoke into being the heavens, the stars, and the sea. He spoke and it all came into being. He commanded it and it stood firm.

· We are to fear and revere the Lord.

· The Lord thwarts our plans and the plans of nations.

· The Lord’s plans stand firm as do the purposes of His heart.