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April 2 Mark 16:9-13






by Mary Kate Hipp

Would you believe? In today's passage, we read that Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and later to the disciples. They all then go and tell others of the risen Lord and none who hear believe. So again I implore, would you believe?

Many who read these devotionals are longtime followers of Jesus who rarely miss Sunday services and who would answer the above question: "I would believe." But would you really? There is a mile between my head and my heart and maybe the same is true for you too. By this I mean, often times I know in my head that God is good and faithful, but in my heart sometimes I doubt. Perhaps in your head you have an abundance of knowledge about God, but your heart is devoid knowledge of the goodness and faithfulness of God.

When I didn't know if I could pay my bills, I knew in my head that the Lord would provide, but in my heart I did not. When I was entangled in depression and anxiety, I knew in my head that the Lord was with me, but in my heart I felt as though he had abandoned me.

So, when the election rolls around, will you believe in your heart that the Lord will provide no matter who is elected into office? When the diagnosis comes back negative, will you believe in your heart that the Lord will be with you? When you stumble in your sin for the umpteenth time, will you believe that the Lord is faithful and just and will forgive your sins and purify you from all unrighteousness?

The Lord is risen! He did just as he said he would! And with that, he has delivered you from your sin, he has freed you from fear and death. Will you believe in your heart that this is true? Would you close the gap between your head and your heart?



Lord, would you grant us the strength to believe that you are risen indeed? Would you remind us of your resurrection and your sovereignty? Amen.

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Apr 02

Good morning, Mary Kate.

Your words are so appropriate for so many of us and filled with encouragement. Thank you so much.

Now to the ability to believe that " He rose from the dead". Apart from the Holy Spirit working in us there is now way we would believe. However, when He moves in us to believe we now have the capacity to know the TRUTH AND BE A BELIEVER. I guess what I am saying is we have no capacity for faith unless it is given us by God through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word. I love the fact our leadership is so sound theologically and our worship reflects our core belief system a…


Judy Webb
Judy Webb
Apr 02

Beautiful devotion my young friend. And the question of, would I believe, is one I often ask. When times get real tough do I get through because of my faith? Do I turn to my Resurrected Savior because I believe? At this stage of my life, it is my faith that propels me into tomorrow. Thank you Jesus!

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