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April 17 | Deuteronomy 15:1-11

Updated: Apr 21





Covenant Living

by David Thompson

God shows us His true face in these eleven verses. Some people have said that God is a distant god. Others say He is aloof. Still others deep down doubt His very existence. I say, "Silly people." In my life, there have been times when I had my doubts, but over time God showed me He was present. It reminds me of the poster I saw some years ago. It showed a single

set of tracks and the narration went that "When I was in hardship and trouble, you left me alone." God answered, "When there was only one set of tracks, I was carrying you."

I challenge you to journal or just write a history of your life and expand the parts where you were in great difficulty. Take time to look back on it now, and I hope you see the Lord's work in your life during those times. You see, God is a "jealous" God. We are told that He has every one of the hairs of your head counted (and with mine that number changes every time I wash or brush my hair). Not only does He care about us on an ongoing basis, He cares for all in His creation. In Matt. 10:29-31, we are told that "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your fathers care."

The second theme was about debt and the poor. God tells us to not be hardhearted and tightfisted. Forgive a debt (officially once every seven years), but more often if the person in debt is needy and poor. I will speak more about this theme in my next devotional that comes out in two days.


God, help us to see that you are there in the tough places. You "covenant" with us daily, and if we just take a retrospective look back on our lives, we will see you at work. Thank you for all you do for each one of us, and help us take the exercise of looking back at your mighty work as a confidence builder for future troubled times. Help us to follow your commands and to be kind to the poor. We pray this in Your Name. Amen.

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David Thompson
David Thompson
Apr 17

Thanks for the comments, Stacy and Robin. I write again out of Nehemiah for Friday. That was what I referenced in today's devotional. Hey, have you ever thought about writing a devotional. We always need writers.


Apr 17

Good morning, Dave.

I have looked back at my struggles and victories seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to show me how God intervened in my circumstances making it clear to me His grace and His mercy. I have so many examples of His mighty hand in my journey and thank you for reminding me to take a stroll down memory lane once again.

You referenced a second theme of "debt and the poor" which I can't seem to find in today's scriptures. Maybe it is my discernment or another study which you are preparing.

Thank you, Dave for relating these verses to our everyday life. God bless you and the writing team.



Apr 17

The rearview mirror is certainly telling!

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