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April 16 | Exodus 22:21-27





"I am Compassionate," Says the Lord

by Mary Kate Hipp

It's a gray, hazy day right outside Jerusalem and I'm on a hike with my friends along the Judean wilderness. There are a few Bedouin villages along the route. The Bedouin are a nomadic Arab tribe found throughout the middle east. They are typically poor and live in houses made of other people's trash. As we are passing by one of the villages and nearing the top of one of the peaks on our route, we suddenly see a little girl, no older than 9, scale the side of the mountain as fast as she can. She greets us with the biggest smile. This little girl was wearing clothes that were covered in holes and were either too baggy or too small, she was covered head to toe in dirt, shoes that were barely intact, and a full backpack. She wore the most beautiful smile, too.

My friends and I, new to the land and clearly out of breath, look pathetic compared to this little girl who just ran up the side of the mountain as if it were easy. She saw us, knowing no English, and had compassion on us. She unzipped her backpack to give us waters (a precious commodity) and beautiful handmade bracelets.

This little girl saw us from afar, saw our needs and came running. Each of us were wearing our top dollar hiking backpacks and boots, nice clothes that we bought firsthand, and we each were about to graduate from highly esteemed institutions. She literally lived in a trash hut, was the part of the poorest peoples in Israel, yet she was elated to gift us with water and bracelets.

Is this not the Gospel? That Jesus sees us in our need (even when we think we lack nothing), he runs after us no matter the height or depth, and provides our very needs. Through the precious smile of this little girl I was reminded of the compassion of the Father. V. 27 For when they cry out to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate, says the Lord. For the price he paid for us on the cross, there is no debt, there is no interest, all was paid on the cross. Our God is so generous to lavish us with his compassion, much like I saw in this sweet little Bedouin girl.


Lord in your compassion, thank you for running after us in our need. We praise you that there is no interest or debt to be paid. What you demand is just our faithful love. Lord, may we respond to the generosity of your Gospel with a generous spirit ourselves. Would you remind us of your compassion? We love you. Amen.

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