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April 15 | Revelation 1:4-8



Revelation 1:4-8



Anchor for My Soul

by Mary Alice McGinnis

Do you have a particular memory that stands out in your life? A pivotal moment in time. A place in the timeline of your life where things changed? Perhaps the life you had known in the previous pages of your life were coming undone right before your eyes. And in that moment the future seemed daunting, uncertain, and hopeless.

There is one such memory that stands out for me. It was a time when my life was coming undone, when everything I had dreamt my life would become was being stripped away and was utterly destroyed. The worst of those times was yet to come, but, as my life started to unravel, I sat in my home with my head cradled in my hands and I wept. In fact, I wailed so loudly that I felt like my insides were going to heave out. I sobbed so hard I could barely catch my breath. I was fearful that my tears were such a vast ocean that I would surely drown in them.

As I sat there weeping, in my anguish, I started to question, “God, how could you allow this to happen? If you really love me, where are you?”