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April 12 | Psalm 118:15-29



Psalm 118:15-29



Behold Your King!

by Diane Ward

In the stillness of the Sabbath morning as day breaks, so does the extraordinary news. The tomb is empty, Jesus, is alive! The tomb is empty, and we have seen Jesus on at least five different occasions by the apostles and His followers.

Mary Magdalene was well prepared to witness the facts of Jesus’ ministry, his death and resurrection. She is the only one mentioned by every Gospel writer of record who was present when Jesus died. She was present when Joseph of Arimathea laid Jesus in the tomb.

Jesus had predicted His death and resurrection, assuring those who loved and followed Him they would be with Him again in the Father’s house. (Hebrews 9:28, Gospel of John 14:25-29)

Mary, sister of Lazarus, sitting at the Master’s feet, was it you who had washed His feet just days before He was crucified?

Woman without a name, was it you trembling at the roar of the crowd yet hearing Jesus' words