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October 7 | Romans 8:28-39





God’s faithfulness to Joseph—God’s faithfulness to Me

by Judy Webb

This is a favorite verse, and one that, when unpacked, can be applied to our lives in each season; good and bad. Take the story of Joseph for instance. It is gripping and exciting all at once. When I first heard it, it was through a movie and I didn’t realize it was right from the Bible, as I wasn’t familiar with many of the Bible stories. Since then, I have had a real hunger to discover more of these enthralling accounts. Some so unbelievable that they demand that I, the reader, dig deeper and discover just what is happening. I am prompted to learn more about this God who does miraculous things in the lives of his people. Then I am challenged, as I read and study, to apply the lessons to life right now.

Let’s look at “in all things,” and digest this for a moment. Think of a very challenging season in your life when you were wondering what God was up to. I imagine Joseph may have pondered this very question. First he is enslaved and then set free. He moves from chains to being given free range in his master’s household. Then he is betrayed by his master’s wife and once again put in chains. This is a fascinating story and one worth reading.

How many times have we felt the highs and lows of someone’s whims? A boss who decided we didn't deserve that raise or promotion. A bad choice resulting in financial failure, a relationship gone sour or a health emergency - can bring us from the mountain top to the dungeon.

I especially love the verse in Genesis 39:20-21, “But while Joseph was there in prison, the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.”

While navigating through the storms of life, how many times have we felt like we were riding high on the waves, only to be dashed into the frothy sea? We can go from king of the hill to lowly ditch digger in the snap of a finger. And all in the course of a few hours or minutes even. “…the Lord was with him…” That is what makes all the difference.


Thank you Lord for showing me the way out of every prison I find myself in. Thank you for showing me your love and grace and forgiveness. Thank you for being with me. Amen.

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