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November 25 | Zechariah 8:1-17





Believe It - He Can Do Anything!

by Ashley Hyatt

In this passage, God is speaking to his chosen people, calling them back to Jerusalem after exile. He is promising them a new life, hope for the future. He is bringing them back to Jerusalem from the east and the west, both young and old, the likes of which may not have graced the city for a long time. God promises a sowing of peace, and a fruitful earth watered by the sky.

Many of us don’t know the experience of exile, but we know the feeling of disillusionment. As adults, we become accustomed to disappointment. You never have more money than you’d planned. You never quite reach that goal weight. The housing market may come down some, but never far enough. We know better than to discuss politics with family because we know we’ll never agree, and the point will be moot.

We become so deadened over time with these expectations of less than we had hoped for. We subconsciously set our bar a little lower, just to avoid disappointment. But God is reminding us in Zechariah that he is capable of anything:

“Thus says the Lord of Hosts: Even though it seems impossible to the remnant of this people in these days, should it also seem impossible to me?”

It is so hard for us to picture this city of peace, of abundance, a city well provided for. For the original readers of Zechariah, it was a prophecy of returning to Jerusalem. For us today, it is a reminder of the paradise to come. There will be a time when we can forget the inevitable feeling of disappointment and just revel in God’s house together, without want or care. And while it is hard for us to imagine a life without disappointment, it is not hard for God.


He wants to give us this gift because, as He says, He is jealous for us. He wants us to spend our time with Him. And, while we wait for paradise to arrive, God calls us to live in his goodness. To speak truth to one another, to bring about justice, and to want good things for each other. God, help us to live in your goodness here on earth, while we wait for the paradise to come. Amen.

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