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May 6 | 1 John 3:1-3



1 John 3:1-3



Lavish Love

by Mary Alice McGinnis

Thirteen years ago, my son, who was living on his own, decided he wanted a puppy. He had heard about a breeder that had a litter of Italian Greyhounds for sale. So, he brought his first little angel home to his apartment. But after only two short weeks, his newly adopted Italian Greyhound puppy ran away and was never found. Totally devastated, my son reached back out to the breeder to tell him what happened.

Meet Winston. From the time he was born, Winston had severe “doggie” anxiety. Any little scary noise or sudden movement would send him into a yelping fit. This was not just little yips. His yelping was so distressingly loud that anyone hearing it would be convinced that Winston was in the grips of a brutal attack.

The breeder was fearful that someone would report him for dog abuse. He offered this little bundle of nerves to my son at no cost.

My son did not just have pity on this poor little guy. He did not send the breeder some money for dog food and other supplies for his needs. He did not offer to help the breeder find him a new home - with another family. My son loved Winston in the most profound way; He brought him to his home, adopted him