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June 10 | Acts 2:1-13


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Skeptic or Believer

by Jennifer Jerrome

There will always be skeptics. There will always be those who say, “They have had too much wine.” The question is, will you be one of them?

In Acts 2, the disciples discovered that the Holy Spirit is not subtle. It doesn’t arrive as a gentle breeze. It roars into your life. Are you ready?

Are you listening to what it has to say? The Spirit speaks to us - and through us - in a language we each understand.

If we allow ourselves to trust the Spirit, it will set us on fire and send us out to declare the wonders of God.

Of course, it’s natural to ask, “What’s going on? What does this mean?”

It means your life will never be the same.

So, are you up to it? Are you ready to be amazed and experience all the Holy Spirit has in store for you? Or will you laugh and say, “It’s got to be the wine.”



Father, help me recognize the Holy Spirit for the gift it is. Send the Spirit to shake up my world, so I might venture into the unknown, secure in the knowledge that what you're about to do is nothing short of amazing. Amen

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