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JULY 5 PSALM 39:4-7







by Judy Webb

The reason I love writing devotions is that I often write on a verse I’ve never read before or at the very least a verse I’ve not studied. It is exciting when God opens a new idea to me and causes me to dig deeper and drill down for the gold nuggets that always await.

Open your Bible and turn to Psalm 39:4-7. Are you struck with the thought that you know where this is going? Do you automatically expect some verses from the book of Ecclesiastes to be referenced? I am remembering the skeptical words of my brother-in-law before he accepted Jesus. “Life is short, and then you die.” Thankfully he accepted Jesus onto his heart before he left this world.

At first glance through the text, I automatically think I know where this is taking me. Life is short and time is running out. I think I have it all figured out. But then I read this line in one commentary I use, “It isn’t how long we live, but HOW we live.”

I keep counting my pennies and plan, so as not to exhaust my finances before life ends. I am brought up short; I sense God’s displeasure. I imagine him shaking his head, “When will you understand?” so I pause and consider my life to this point. It is senseless to worry over temporary things, and they are all temporary. (Read Matthew 6:25-27)

Life is never about how rich we are but whether we have values that last. “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” 1 John 2:17

There are four realities of life in these verses:

  1. Life is fleeting—it passes swiftly just as the flowers in the field

  2. Life is but a breath, that disappears as soon as expelled

  3. Life is vanity when we chase after that which does not last

  4. But Jesus is life, He is hope…our only hope. He is our true Treasure.



Thank you, Jesus for your Word. Your Word that teaches me about life and your will for my life. Help me understand and embrace the truth found in my Bible. Open my eyes, and my Spirit to grasp all you are telling me. Amen.

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Jul 05

Good morning, Judy. I am 81 years old and feel blessed with my health. God's grace and mercy are always in front of me as I contemplate His working in the past and present. Actually, I probably should not even be alive-- but--He rescued me from my sinful ways and brought me into His kingdom to know, love and serve Him. This "handbreadth" is getting shorter everyday and soon will conclude. So, living in the moment while at the same time contemplating the glory of HIs eternal presence is comforting, but I need to remind myself I have things yet to do for His sake. Lord, help me to focus on your kingdom and your righteousness and not the vain…

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