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December 29 | Luke 2:33-40


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by Judy Webb

Do you remember being a kid but wanting to be an adult, or at least a teenager? Did the idea of getting old enough to do the exciting things your big brother or sister were doing consume your daydreams. First there was the excitement of going to school, then being able to stay up later at night, no longer needing a babysitter, and the ultimate dream of getting your driver's permit. But all these things came after each passing birthday. You had to grow into them, you had to learn how to navigate life a bit more each year.

Was it similar with Jesus? He was a baby first, an infant with all the needs of any newborn. He had to grow and learn how to walk before he could run, just as you and I did. I often wonder though; did he have a clue? Did he have an inkling of who he was, of whose he was? Did he view the world with childlike innocence? Because he was fully human, I assume any thoughts he had as a young child of his specialness were put in his head by his parents.

They must have told him how unique he was; not in a godly way, but in a way all loving parents do as they teach their children the value of self-confidence, and prepare them for life. Mary and Joseph knew who they were raising. I wonder did they ever sit down at the kitchen table to have that talk with Jesus, or did Jesus instinctively know at a certain age, all that his parents knew? ­­

One of the profound questions raised in a favorite Christmas Carrol of mine asks, “Mary, did you know …When you kissed your little baby, you kissed the face of God? Every time I hear these words I feel a sense of wonder. The song below expresses in much greater eloquence, what I am trying to say above. This is truly a season of marvel and amazement...Advent...a season of expectant waiting.


Dear Jesus, Help me to look at you with wonder and a curiosity that draws me to your Word. Prompt me to take my questions and doubts to you, to the Bible, where all truth is there for me to learn every day. Thank you.

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