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Happiness and joy healing from depression bipolar disorder prayer also for weight loss due to weight gain from side-effects of medicine and get into good physical shape and health. God to protect me from satan and have my days wonderful blessed and wake up every day full of energy and happiness and God to draw himself close to me and increase my faith and peace in my mind.

My brother-in-law, Norman is having a Cervical spinal surgery on Tuesday… Please keep him your prayers for good results and healing

Also, my brother is having lumbar disc surgery tomorrow… Again, please pray for good results, healing and great recovery
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Please pray for an elderly friend, Clare, who was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is alone and does not have much will to live. She is a devout Christian and has asked for prayers. Please bring her peace and comfort and raise up those around her to support her, encourage her and simply to visit and spend time with her which I feel she craves more than even healing..

For Linda W., having surgery Wednesday, May1, Riverside Hospital.

My name is Jimi F. I would like to submit a prayer request for my father Oladatun F. who was / is a member of your congregation. He had a cardiac arrest early Friday morning and suffered major / catastrophic brain damage. Asking prayer for a peaceful transition and onto the the hands of our Lord. If any one knows my dad and would be willing to reach out, we would appreciate it.

Please pray God gives me guidance and sends someone to help with needed car repairs.
There are no resources in this area.
I need to get to temp work and church.
Thanks Brothers and Sisters !!

Girard B. is in the hospital. Prayers for healing.

Need place to live in Hilliard area. My apartment is a not safe place to live.

Please pray for Michael C. who was in a life threatening car accident. Urgent surgery being done right now to relieve pressure and bleeding in his brain. His parents are at his side at the hospital.
Thank you and God bless you for your prayers.

Please pray for my sister in law's father who has been hospitalized with a perforated intestine. Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors and peace for the family.

My granddaughter Emme is 5 and was admitted to Akron Children's with MRSA. They are saying it will take weeks...and she isn't responding yet to antibiotics - please pray for healing and peace for the family.

Please pray for Elizabeth during a time of financial hardship

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