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Otherwise known as "I Don't Know Your Name"

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What is IDKYN?

This funny acronym stands for "I Don't Know Your Name." It's a fun way to help recognize this strange season of talking and meeting other people again, maybe even people you've never met before. It represents a season of amnesty, where it's okay to ask for someone's name, and even re-ask for someone's name, and maybe ask once more for it to stick to memory. Of course, for some, this can be a very scary thing, especially for our introverts... We want to be serious about building relationships with each other at UALC, but we also don't want to scare all of our introverts back into quarantine! We are excited to embrace this challenge together. Learn below for ways to engage.

Ways to Engage

Sunday Worship Gatherings

Attend church weekly and intentionally meet someone new and consider praying regularly for that person. Find worship schedule and information here. 

Connect to a Small Group

New groups are forming all the time! Find more information here.

How to IDKYN

Meeting someone for the first time: "I don't know if we've met before, so I figured I would introduce myself! My name is ____________ "


Re-meeting someone familiar: "You know, I think we've met before, but I'm having trouble remembering your name... My name is ____________"


Going Deeper:

  1. "What's your UALC story? How did you get connected to the church?"

  2. "Have you had anything interesting happen in your life recently?"

  3.  "What have you been most passionate about recently?

  4. "Do you have any prayer requests that I could join in with you?" - Remember this one requires followup! Let's commit to pray for one another!

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