Sunday, June 20, 2021

Helping Appalachian Rural People

H.A.R.P. Ministry

Helping Appalachian Rural People is a Christian organization that works to serve people seeking self-sufficiency, leading to independence by providing spiritual, emotional, and material support.

UALC has partnered with H.A.R.P in many ways over the years including financial support, in-kind donations, volunteers, short-term mission trips, and more. UALC gives away 20% of every dollar received in the offering and H.A.R.P. is one of the recipients. To learn more, watch some of our Mission Moment videos below :
Click here to learn more about how H.A.R.P transforms the spiritual land physical lives of people in need.

Ways to Engage

There are many ways to get involved in ongoing activities or one-time events. Here are some of the ways to engage:
  • Serving events
  • Short-term mission trips
  • Help put together a “House In a Box”
  • Help pack trucks with furniture and other home items for families in need
  • Christmas stockings for children
To get started, email UALC contact: Becky Armstrong. You can also connect directly to H.A.R.P volunteer opportunities on their volunteer webpage.