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Small Group Facilitator

Small Group Facilitator




Small Group Facilitators are individuals who are the primary coordinators, gatherers, communicators, and disciples of a small group. Facilitators will work with and be equipped by the Small Groups Director and the Facilitator Partner team. Facilitators may serve individually, but are usually partnered with other facilitators or “core team” in their small group.

Desired Skills

Small Group Facilitators must be Christian disciples who want to walk alongside others in the Way of Jesus Christ. Facilitators must be humble, willing to share and multiply authority and ownership within their group rather. They are people who believe that meeting routinely in Christian community is a good and healthy part of our faith lives.

Time Commitment

Our groups start and close as is best for the wellbeing of the group. Most weekly small groups last for an average of 3 years, but this can vary significantly. We ask that facilitators commit to serve for at least one semester (4 months), and that before they finish facilitating the group, they help their group transition. This includes informing the SG Director or Facilitator Partner in advance.

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