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LIFEwalk Prayer Minister

LIFEwalk Prayer Minister




LIFEwalk is a Bible-based prayer ministry. In this ministry, a team of trained lay prayer ministers come alongside a person going through a difficult or challenging season. They listen, encourage, and pray. This is not a counseling ministry.

Desired Skills

Those trained to serve as a LIFEwalk Prayer Minister have a strong belief in the power of prayer as well as a heart for people facing challenging or difficult situations. You must be willing to to listen and encourage others in their journey.

Time Commitment

When a person requests a LIFEwalk team, the ministry leadership prayerfully discerns a team. If you are discerned for the team, you will be asked to pray about your participation and you may accept or decline serving at that time. If you agree to serve on the team, you can expect to meet once a week, allowing 1 ½ - 2 hours, for 8-12 weeks.

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