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Kids Church Rally Sunday Volunteer

Kids Church Rally Sunday Volunteer




Rally Sunday is a fun, exciting Sunday where kids get to spend the whole church service in a worship service designed just for them. Volunteers are expected to come 20 minutes early to the Rally Sunday room for prayer and an overview of the day. Volunteers are also expected to engage with kids, to enthusiastically play games and worship, to be role models of respect and kindness, and to engage kids with the Gospel.

Desired Skills

There are a lot of ways to get connected as a Rally Sunday Volunteer. Our Game Leaders love planning and leading the games. Our Worship Leaders engage our kids while leading them in song and hand motions. Our story tellers captivate our children as they hear the weekly Bible story. Our Tech Leaders make the room sound and look amazing during the Rally Sunday Service.

Time Commitment

Rally Sundays are typically held monthly. You will arrive 20 minutes prior to the service. We ask that you commit to serving for an entire school year.

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