Tuesday, September 25, 2018

UALC Mission Challenge
Frequently Asked Questions


Campaign Name  UALC Mission Challenge
Campaign Theme  Pray. Give. Go.
Campaign Goals
Pray – Commitments from 1000 people in the congregation to pray regularly for missions (Download a prayer commitment card.)
Give – Gifts of more than $1 million for the UALC Mission Fund
Go – 500 commitments to participate in mission trips and cross cultural outreach
Time Frame  The intentional integration of missions into UALC’s life is ongoing.

Q: Isn’t missions already part of our focus as a church? Why do we need this?

A: Yes, it is, but we need to “take it up a notch.” Missions needs to be integrated into every part of our life as believers, and the Mission Challenge will create the foundation to support that as we move forward. 

Q: How will we use the money raised during the Challenge?

A: Here are some examples of the way that we’ve used the UALC Mission Fund in the past:
• supporting the start of new churches
• assisting the local food pantry with major capital needs
• disaster relief efforts in the U.S. and around the world
• emergency support for ministry partners such as SON Ministries and COCINA in Haiti
• the Community Meal Packing Project that provided nearly 700,000 meals for the hungry locally and in Haiti

In addition, we plan to greatly expand the opportunities for mission trips and increase the support for missionaries around the world.

Q: How long will the money last?

A: We don’t know, but based on the past opportunities for special investments in missions, we expect to fully invest these funds over a period of two to three years. As our church focuses more intentionally on missions, we expect that God will bring more opportunities for investment in His Kingdom.

Q: Is the Mission Challenge a one-time event?

A: Since we intend to make missions a greater ongoing priority, the need for increased funding will persist over time. It’s possible that increased regular offerings may fill all or a portion of the future need. But it’s also likely that we will challenge the congregation in a similar manner in the future. 

Q: How is the UALC Mission Fund different than UALC’s regular missions budget?

A: We have traditionally set aside 20% of our annual offering for missions. We intend to continue that practice. The money raised during the Mission Challenge will go into the UALC Mission Fund and be used for missions activities above and beyond those that are possible with the 20% set aside for missions in the annual operating budget.

Q: May gifts be spread over a period of time?

A: Yes. While immediate cash gifts will be most helpful, donors may spread gifts over time if necessary. The Mission Challenge response form lists gift options to respond now and over a period of time.

Q: May I direct some of my regular offering to the Mission Challenge?

A: Yes. However, to do so will impair our regular ongoing ministry efforts. The purpose of the Challenge is to raise new funds above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings.

Q: Who will make the decisions about using the money that we raise?

A: The Church Council has ultimate authority over the UALC Mission Fund. The various committees that manage our existing missions relationships and budget also make recommendations about the use of these funds. Members of the congregation may offer recommendations to the Missions Coordinating Committee for further consideration.

Q: Who decides where the mission trips go?

A: There are several different locations and projects available each year, so participants can select one that best suits their interests and God’s leading.  

Q: Are mission trips really that effective? Wouldn’t it be better if we just sent money and let “locals” work with it?

A: We purposefully select mission trip projects that benefit both the participants and the host communities through genuine partnership. Mission trips can be wonderful opportunities to “grow big faith” in the participants as well as benefiting the local communities. In addition, UALC funds several “local only” projects in certain circumstances.  

Q: I have questions that aren’t addressed here. Who can I ask?

A: You may direct your questions to

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