Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Pray Without Ceasing

Join Us as We Pray

These requests have been submitted through our online Prayer Line. Please use these requests and praises as a help in your prayer time, or find a link below for other current prayer lists.

Online Prayer Requests:

November 19:
Please pray for my husband , that he is able to remain with his family .
November 17:
Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24): Deliverance of demonic bondage from occult activity. Pursues healing for mental illness. Employment and safe housing. Caring friendships and humility to listen to wise counsel. God's daily physical protection & provision. Surrender to Christ for salvation & abundant life for my sons. ~ Favor and guidance for a friend's job situation. ~ Strength for youngest son to make wise choices & maintain sobriety ~ My continued spiritual growth and motivation for job training. Thanks & God bless
November 17:
Appreciate your prayers for Braxten - favor with Geometry teacher who obviously doesn't like him and keeps putting 0s in his grades on things we've seen him physically working on here at home for her. Very upsetting. Please pray bold! For God's victory! Thank you! Love you!

November 15:
Pray Derek's bully will leave him alone and will not want to go near him.

November 13:
Pray for me to get back in touch with my friend Joanna.
November 11:
Me and my husband Emmanuel.

November 10:
Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24)... Release of demonic bondage from occult activity. Pursues emotional healing & mental health. Right employment and good housing. Caring friendships and humility to listen to wise counsel. God's daily physical protection & provision. Surrender to Christ for salvation & abundant life for my sons. ~ Favor and guidance for a friend's job situation. ~ Strength to resist the enemy and motivation for training. Thanks & God bless

November 6:
Please pray for safety for Paul and Cheryl as they travel from Texas to Ohio. Lord, please provide an opportunity for healing for our family throught this visit.
November 4:
Please pray for Mitch. He needs divine healing from cancer so he can live a full life with his family.

November 4:
Healing for Jane who was hit by a car with trauma. Pray for Jane and the young man that hit her.

November 3:
Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24)... **PRAISE: he has decided to get a job and wants to find a place!** Release of demonic bondage from occult activity. Emotional healing & mental health. Meaningful employment and good housing. Caring friendships and humilty to listen to wise counsel. God's daily physical protection & provision. Surrender to Christ for salvation & abundant life. ~ Acceptance into residential training program for my son (22) **PRAISE: he was accepted into the program!!** ~ Favor and guidance for my friend's job situation ~ Protection for me & my boys from the schemes of the enemy Thanks & God bless

November 3:
Lord have mercy for my son Rocky as he is mentally ill & homeless. Lord hear my prayers as I cry out to You to provide the housing he needs now. Place Rocky in the hands of those who will work for his needs. Please bless Rocky by keeping his car in good working condition especially his cars ignition system. I ask You Lord to embrace Rocky in Your loving arms of protection keeping him safe from all harm.
October 31:
Please pray for me that my test results come back all clear and to calm my anxiety.
October 29:
Please Pray that I find my way back to Church.
October 27:
Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24)... Release of demonic bondage from occult activity. Emotional healing & mental health. That he chooses community over harmful isolation. Meaningful friendships and listens to wise counsel. God's daily physical protection & provision. Surrender to Christ for salvation & abundant life. ~ Acceptance into residential training program for my son (22) ~ Healthy adjustment of mental health meds for son ~ Favor and guidance for my friend's job situation ~ Protection for me & my boys from the schemes of the enemy Thanks & God bless.
October 26:
Please pray for this family - L, mother, and sons (12 yrsand 13 yrs). Mother was diagnosed yesterday with cancer throughout her organs - not much chance of making it past a few months. The two boys are particularly upset and afraid. Please Lord - asking for a miracle. Thanks!
October 25:
Today in the name of Jesus I lay claim to my husband, Tim. The enemy has been influencing him for too long and I declare that he has no power or authority over my husband or over our marriage. I ask that you stand in agreement with me!
October 22:
Please lift one of My Dearest Friends of many years, Mary Ann, in bold and continuous prayer for perfect healing and assurance, for no more blood clotting and for God's powerful blessings over her for a long and meaningful life, to His Glory. Mary Ann and I went to college together. She is very dear and precious to my heart. We are kindred spirits.

October 22:
Please keep praying for Tim. Heavenly Father, open Tim's ears to hear and his eyes to see your presence in his life. Rescue him. Please provide him the way out that you promise and released him from the bondage of his guilt, shame, anger, and sin. Holy Spirit Come and overshadow all other influences in Tim's life today.
October 19:
Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24)... Release of demonic bondage from occult activity, emotional healing and mental health. Pray that he chooses community over potentially harmful isolation. Pray for meaningful friendships now and across his paths.  Pray for God's daily physical protection, provision, surrender to Christ for salvation and abundant life. ~ Acceptance into residential training program for my son (22)

October 19:
Please support me in prayer for reconciliation  with Ljubomir S.,  Pray for our new beginning.. that he remembers long love with me...that he shows his feelings... that GOD work out peace between us healing our hurts.  Pray that we start again and continue our wary together.  Pray that we oficially get married!  Bless you.  Your sister in Christ, Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

October 19:
Pray I do not lose  my job in the Administration Wing so I can preach the gospel.
October 18:
Please Pray for 13 year old Carson he is going thru some tough times in life.
October 16:
Please pray for my husband, Tim. Pray that today will be a turning point to bring him back to living in truth and to living a life of integrity again. Please pray for his heart to be convicted and that, as he gives his worries, fears and mistakes over to God, he will feel the warmth of God's grace, mercy and forgiveness. In Jesus' name.

October 15:
Please Pray for my wife Kelly she is in constant back pain.
October 14:
Please pray for Nancy, having spinal fusion surgery on October 18 at Mt. Carmel West. Thank you and God bless you for your prayers.

October 13:
Please pray for my son (24)... Change of mind to seek caring community not isolation. Emotional healing & mental health. God's daily physical protection. Release from the bondage & footholds of the enemy. Surrender to Christ for salvation & abundant life. ~ Paperwork & acceptance into residential training program for my son (22) ~ Protection for me & my boys from the schemes of the enemy Thanks & blessings, in Christ
October 11:
I am asking that my fellow Prayer Warriors pray for Nadine. Nadine is only 80 years old but had a fall last week. By yesterday her leg was very swollen and appeared twisted. Her daughter took her to emergency and she was admitted immediately, Today they are going to perform surgery on her hip. They believe the hip to be fractured and a blood clot was what was causing the leg to swell. Please pray for her swift recovery and that she experiences only a minor touch of pain. Pray also that everything heals well and she is up walking again quickly. Thank you for all of your powerful prayers. I love you, in God's Love and in my own, Donna
October 10:
Praise God for a successful short term medical mission fact finding trip that recently concluded. The team obtained a lot of meaningful information, assessing a situation. Pray that the team will develop a God-pleasing plan to provide assistance in the region.

October 10:
My wife Brenda is having the first of two knee replacement surgeries today. Please pray for a successful procedure and for a quick, pain free recovery.
October 8:
My heart breaks for Portland, Oregon. The Antifa movement frightens and saddens me.  Please pray for Portland, Oregon that the police would be allowed to take action against them.

October 8:
Hello Sweetest Friends.  Would truly appreciate your prayers for a great results routine, 1st colonoscopy this Wednesday at 11 a.m. Thank you so much! Praying for you daily! Love you so very much!
October 7:
~ Salvation, inner healing, jobs & guidance for sons in their 20's ~ Paperwork & acceptance into residential training program for my son ~ Passion & progress in my career training ~ Grace to overcome loneliness, fear & anxiety ~ A community of authentic/devoted servants of Christ ~ Protection from the schemes of the enemy Thank you, in Jesus name
October 5:
Please heal the pain in my back.
September 30:
~ Salvation, inner healing, jobs & guidance for sons in their 20's ~ Acceptance into residential training program for youngest son ~ Focus and progress in my self-paced career training ~ Grace to overcome loneliness, fear & anxiety ~ Love & peace in my friendships. ~ Protection from the schemes of the enemy Thank you, in Jesus name
September 28:
Please Pray for my job, I have a review on Monday Oct.1st
September 27:
Please pray for God's will for my marriage and for both Tim and me to embrace it, and live it out. Our heart and mind are divided. Pray for unity for us so we can follow God's plan and not our own.
September 24:
I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and am waiting for specific testing for the treatment plan. please pray that my test results come back with low numbers to avoid chemo. please pray that the cancer will be eliminated with radiation.
September 24:
This is a silly thing to ask for but I'm having a hard time moving on from my boyfriend of 5 years after he cheated, left me alone, put me in debt, and dumped me. I resent the debt while he is happy, has a nice place, and a support system.   I'm in debt caused by supporting him, and I'm alone. I'm trying to be kind and not horrid. I want to be dead. Can someone ask God to send me some friends or at least someone who will love me and help me find peace/relief?
September 23:
Salvation, inner healing, jobs & guidance for sons in their 20's ~ Acceptance into residential training program for youngest son ~ Focus and retention of my online career training (self-paced) ~ Restoration, love & peace in my friendships. ~ Grace to overcome loneliness & anxiety ~ Protection from the enemy Thank you, in Jesus name

September 22:
I am homesick and live in another state.  Please pray I can get money to move back to my family.  Thank you. 

September 22:
Please pray for my Mom, Sylvia. Please pray that her kidneys fully heal, that all levels in her body go back to normal and for no heart failure or lung problems such as emphysema or COPD or any other problems or conditions in her body, for her white blood cell count to go back to normal with no infection, that they do not misdiagnose her because they do not know what is wrong or give up and accept her current health levels as a "new normal" because they cannot figure out what is wrong, for any and all medical doctors to find every problem and heal them all quickly and completely. Please pray for complete and total healing for my Mom, Sylvia and that her whole body is healed and that she is able to live another 30 years completely healthy and happy. Thank you and God bless.
September 21:
Knowing God's will in regards to taking a new job opportunity. I was not seeking, but was contacted directly due to my prior history with the client.
September 20:
Please pray for Bob H. tomorrow 9/21/18 who is having bladder removed. Pray for God to guide the surgeons hands(Dr. Carey) and the Davinci robot. Also prayers for a speedy recovery. And to keep Bob focused positively on the process.
September 17:
Salvation, inner healing and right jobs for sons in their 20's; acceptance into residential training program for youngest son; focus and success in my online tech career training (self-paced); Lord's help in overcoming loneliness; restoration, love & peace in friendships, Thank you so much
September  17:
Praise God for His Victory!  On Day 22 of 33 of radiation!
In honor of these days, I thank God for His reassurance and shield over me, keeping me feeling great, healthy and on my toes to do more work for His Kingdom. For thirty-three also represents the number of years Jesus graced the earth, and we are thankful! For there's no Love like Your Love, No Peace like Your Peace, and No Mercy Like Your Mercy...thank You for Your Salvation, Holy God! We love you all and so covet your prayers! And return prayers of love and God's best!

September 16:
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for everything in my life. I am so thankful for the blessings bestowed upon me everyday but there is one blessing I am missing which is a child. Please let my husband James and I conceive a child naturally this month. Please let it be in your will that James and I will be parents to a sweet and healthy baby. Amen
September 15:
My name is Leajia ( Lee Asia) please agree with me in prayer for healing of my entire body, angels of protection all around me and my entire family, deliverance from all evil, deliverance from all generational curses and spells, deliverance from all confusion spirits, deliverance from all lies and negativity, deliverance from loneliness spirits, deliverance from being mother less, deliverance from all failure spirits, Lord Jesus send me a godly husband in 2018, bless me with happiness, peace, strength, confidence, comfort, wisdom, knowledge, success, financial blessings, debt cancellations, prosperity in every area of my life, long life and good health in Jesus name amen
September 12:
Please pray for Tim. Father in heaven, you know the struggles that Tim is having. You and only you know what it is that he needs. Father you started good work in Tim and we ask you to continue that good work. Free Tim from whatever it is that's standing in his way and keeping him from you. Free him from his past, free him from his pain, free him from his anger, and released the bitterness that he holds in his heart. We pray that you will send your Holy Spirit to reveal truth to Tim and to give him the courage and humility to confess whatever it is in his heart that he needs to give to you. Help him to live in truth, and to be the man of integrity that he once was. His wife and family love him and they need him. In Jesus name we pray.
September 9:
Salvation, inner healing and right jobs for sons in their 20's; acceptance into residential training program for youngest son; focus and understanding in online tech career training (self-paced); Lord's help in overcoming loneliness, love & peace in friendships. Thank you so much.

September 9:
Our son-in-laws's grandparents were in a serious car accident today in Lebanon, OH. Fortunately his grandmother wasn't hurt bad and is being released, however, his grandfather has a broken neck and a blood clot in his spine. They are doing emergency surgery and have called in neuro doctors from other hospitals to assist. He has movement in his fingers and toes, but that's all. Prayers for the entire family as many are traveling in from other states to be with their father.
September 5:
This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Today is Day 15 of radiation. So, nearly half-way there to day 33. I truly thank God for His shield and protection... and for your prayers as no real side effects so far! Praise God, a true miracle maker!  Meyana got an afterschool job today with Taco Cabana. I am receiving a few more hours with the teaching job (to coach a few new teachers). God is always on the mark! Thanks for praying for restoration and protection over our family as we strive to give God our best...

September 5:
Multiple Diagnoses and no quality care or team working together. Need a miracle because I live in a state at the bottom of the list of rankings of quality of healthcare.
September 4:
Praise and prayer. Praise that God is merciful and bringing healing to my brother Mike.  Pray that  Mike continues to improve and puzzle doctors because of God'healung and mercy. This is an update from my previous requests for Dana Klein s brother in law in ICU in England. He is still ventilator dependent but has been able to breathe on his own for an hour. They are working daily to try to wean him from the vent. I pray this is possible. He is moving his right arm and leg and getting stronger on this side. His left foot and left hand can move and are getting stronger though the leg and arm are not yet moving. .he was visited by a rehab specialist to see if they will accept him for spinal cord rehab. Praying they accept him and that he can get therapy and care in his current ICU until a bed opens. There is a wait list. Praying that he can stay strong and not give up hope. He has surpassed what one of the doctors told him already. Please keep praying that he can avoid depression and infection and keep improving and that he his wife and daughter can also stay strong,hopeful and that all three of them will see God's hand in his healing and not in the injury. Thank you for lifting Mike in prayer. Dana's mom is recovering nicely from the stroke two weeks ago and thanks to prayer is getting therapy at home. Thanks to everyone praying. God bless 

September 4:
Pray for Nancy Roe and family and the loss of her father
August 31:
Salvation, inner healing and right jobs for sons in their 20's; acceptance into residential training program for youngest son; focus, endurance and proficiency in my new career training (online & self-paced); Lord's help in overcoming loneliness. Thank you so much.
August 29:
Please pray for John that he will be healed from metastasized pancreatic cancer. Thank you!
August 27:
Please pray for my 20 month cousin. Her name is Evelyn. She is in need of a miracle. The next 24 - 48 hours are crucial. She is in the pediatric ICU.
August 27:
Continuing to ask for prayer for my brother, Mike, who affected a catastrophic stroke in the UK last Sunday. He is on a ventilator to breathe for him and is quadriplegic. He cannot speak unless he regains some use of his diaphragm. It seems he is now fighting a respiratory infections on top of all else. Doctors have not yet told him they believe this to be a permanent heat of life now. He was very active and travelled with his wife and daughter before this stroke. Please pray for return of use of his diaphragm at the very least. I am praying for return of more than that but feel such devastation. My mother is in Pittsburgh and in assisted living in a wheelchair with use of only one arm. She has already lost one daughter, my sister, to death. Please pray for mom and Mike and our family. This is devastating and I am not sure how we will all get through. Thank you.
August 24:
Salvation, inner healing and right jobs for sons in their 20's; acceptance into residential training program for youngest son; focus, strength and proficiency in my new career training (online & self-paced); Lord's help in overcoming loneliness. Thank you so much.
August 23:
Please pray for Tim: God, finish the good work you started in Tim. Free him from himself. Free him from his anger. Free him from his pain. Free him from his bitterness. Free him from his blame and guilt. Mostly, free him from holding on to the past. Give Tim the freedom to experience joy and real love even in this difficult circumstance. In Jeses' name, Amen!!

August 23:
Please pray for my husband Tim and for me. We are in a very dark season in our marriage and we are fighting the Battle of Our Lives. I believe we need the power of the Holy Spirit to be our greatest influence but I'm not sure that Tim sees that. In my heart I know that we became one flesh in marriage and I know that what God has joined no man can separate but our heart and mind are divided and we need the Holy Spirit to bring us together as one again. Please stand in agreement with me and stand in the gap for Tim. Pray for Tim to fully surrender to God. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
August 21:
I would like to request prayer for Dana K's mother and brother-in-law.  Her brother-in-law lives in England and had a stroke Sunday. He is on life support. Her mother had a stroke Monday and is hospitalised in Columbus. I believe in the power of prayer and it is my hope that The Lord will hear the prayers and be merciful.
August 20:
First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.
August 20:
Prayers for our son Robby.
August 15:
We truly appreciate everyone's prayers for no side effects throughout the 33 days of radiation which starts tomorrow late afternoon. I did the planning meeting last week, the dry run today, and all has gone smoothly. I'm marked up like a warrior with paint! Trusting the Lord that all will go smoothly with no concerns. Praising God for His mercy and truly thankful to be cancer-free, tumor-free and feeling so great! Thank you for praying...and for Praising the Lord for all He is for us!
August 14:
Please pray for spiritual, emotional and relational healing for my husband Tim and for our marriage. Please pray that Tim will seek help from God and those He has placed in Tim's life, to let go of the past, repent and forgive those who have hurt him. In Jesus' name we pray!

August 14:
Pray for acceptance into job program for son; peace in my heart and relationships; financial provision for me & my sons; focus, strength and progress in training.  Thank you.
August 13:
Pleasse pray for my friend Becky who Is having spinal surgery tomorrow.  Thank you.
August 12:

Hello Friends, We are asking for your prayers as a family in Christ over our close friends and ministry workers of many years for blessings over the adoption over their son of ten years now, for favor, assurance, okay from birth parents, and for all to go through perfectly by God's Holy Hand. To bless the lawyer in this case, too, who is also a close friend of ours who we trust and believe God has put on this case for His special time such as this. Let it all be for God's Glory and Purpose. Thank you for praying boldly continually until this is final. We love you all!

August 10:
I received a call from an old member of UALC, Errol Tom. He and his wife, Darlene moved to Florida a few years back. They resided in Hilliard and attended the Mill Run Sanctuary. Darlene had a recent operation for a brain tumor and is in recovery. Errol wanted her put on the prayer list. Please pray for Darlene's speedy recovery and healing. Thanks! Dave Winter

August 9:

Praise God, one member of the family involved in the RV accident in Montana is now out of the hospital. Another should be soon, however, may not be able to fly home for a week or so. Please lift continued prayers over their healing and continued prayers over Pam (the Mom) and the family returning home as everyone is still grieving and working through what happened. Praise God as well as Sister Ellie says "God is definitely working through all of this - so many miracles medical and through others." So we praise God indeed and ask you to continue to pray for the family during this difficult time. Thank you! Love you all!

August 7:
Please pray for my son to get rehired by former employer; provisions for family, progress with computer training, peace and godliness in my friendships.
August 6:
Please pray for Diane and John. Father, bridge the gap pulling them apart and give them a desire to mend their broken marriage. Remove any temptation standing in their way.
August 5:
Today, on his birthday, I pray for my husband, Tim. Jesus, life and our marriage havn't turned out the way Tim or I expected. Tim feels defeated and he's giving up on us. Bring clarity to him to see that if he turns to you, and if focuses on the good in our life together, his heart can soften and his mind can change. Open Tim's eyes to see the love, happiness and the many blessings in our life together and give him a greatful heart and a desire to keep trying. Amen
August 4:
I am pleading with everyone to PLEASE PRAY BOLDLY for extended family who were involved in a crash in Montana. The article is attached; they are the Diaz family, and they were in the RV mentioned. Please pray for this PRECIOUS FAMILY, who we consider part of us, who lost their Dad instantly,  Pray for Tanya and Isaac who have multiple injuries - are in ICU - to powerfully heal by God's Holy Hand. Pray for Pam - their Mom who is out of the hospital now but very sad to lose her husband of 46 years. Pray for Ellie and Sean and their kids, and Sean's twin brother, who all lost their Precious Dad and are very concerned for family in the hospital right now. 


August 3:
Please pray for my 5 year old grandson to come home to us safely. His mother has mental problems and abducted him last week.
July 31:

I am very thankful to God and Our Awesome King to have been mercifully healed of that massive brain tumor, breast cancer/tumor and to be cancer free! Praising God every single day for this! I'm still blown away by all God has done! The doctors say that trials call for 6 1/2 weeks (instead of 3) or 33 days of radiation for me, for my age/ situation so cancer/tumors never come back. I'm a little nervous, but as my doctor said, 33 is a symbolic number, "the amount of years Jesus was on this earth." Please pray for wisdom for me. I am trusting and clinging to Jesus through it all. I keep hearing the song, too, from Rocky III "Pushin...getting ready for the fight." Have you heard that song? We all have a fight in this's not against flesh and blood, our flesh doesn't really matter. It's God's Glory and Grace that counts. I thank God every day that He is Our Purpose.  I appreciate your prayers for wisdom and no side effects whatsoever, trusting God can, if it's His will for me to buck up and go through this. Love you dearly! Praying for you daily! We are in this fight together, for the Greatest Cause and the Best Joy we could ever hope for, Praise Our Precious Savior Jesus Christ! We love you and pray for you always!

July 31:

Hello Precious Friends, I'd greatly appreciate your bold prayers for my Dad for great health results and no concerns there.  


The doctor has called and wants to test him further...blood results say he's anemic. A1C is high. They said they may want to do an MRI? Please pray that is not even needed...that he is well by God's power and grace. Yeah Jesus!

July 30:
I pray for my five senses to be surrendered to the almighty God so that I may see hear taste touch feel and see what he wants me to. I pray for the whole of my body to be surrendered to God so that he may fill me as his vessel.  I pray for gods gifts to shine through the whole of my life. I pray for desernment so that I may know god in all his facets. Amen.
July 30:
Salvation, finances, food, housing and career guidance for my sons. Focus, comprehension and success in my/our online training.
July 26:
I don't usually ask for prayer for myself but have come to realize that I have a community of people around me who I know will pray for me and I need them. I took a lot in my life for granted including the people most important to me. Probably without realizing it I've pushed the most important person in my life away and now I'm finding myself with a broken relationship, lost and not knowing what to do to try to make it all right again. Please pray that the person in my life who I've hurt will forgive me in the way that I know God already has. Pray that by God's grace this broken relationship in my life can be restored, the relationship with my husband. In the beginning he was a gift to me that I did not always appreciate or treasure. I want to make amends. Pray that through God's grace he will allow me to do that.
July 26:
Please pray for 18 month old Dakota Miller and his family. Dakota had a tragic accident and is on life support. He needs prayer for God's healing touch and his family needs prayer for strength.
July 25:
Pray my son will make the right choices in his life and bless him with good friends.
July 24:
Please keep our family in prayer.
July 23:
I'm concerned about my health. I thought I was getting better but have had a setback. Im afraid it might be serious. I can't feel God's presence and don't think He is listening. I'm scared not only for myself but also my family, whom I love more than anything. I'm afraid. I want to improve so that I can do more with my family.
July 21:
Please Pray for Clay.  He was recently diagnosed with cancer.
July 19:
Salvation for my sons; housing and job for Nathan; focus, productivity and success in my new online business.
July 19:
Please pray for the Hafler family as they grieve Nancy's Father passing away. Funeral Saturday July 21.
July 17:
Please stand with me in praying for my husband, Tim. Tim has lost hope for our marriage and plans to end it. I love him deeply and I don't want this but I can't reach him. Pray for Tim's hope to be restored in our life together as husband and wife. Pray that restored hope will give him a desire to save our marriage and family.
July 16:
Please pray that Janice can live to see her daughter get married. Please pray that John finds a kidney donor.
July 15:
Please lord help Dan and I heal our relationship. Let your love go into his heart and break the hold of any past grievances and mistrust .so we can communication again so we each can heal and love each other again.lord please heal Dan and I. please heal our broken hearts due to our past misunderstandings and childish treatment of each other. Please Lord save our 13 year relationship. Thank you Lord. Amen.
July 13:
Two sons need salvation & jobs. One needs housing. Pray that I stay focused and productive in my new business, while working a full-time job. Strengthening of friendships.
July 13:
Please pray for Tim to overcome the enemy's attack on his integrity, his marriage and his relationship with God. According to Romans 8:26, Tim can call in the Holy Spirit to intercede for him. Please pray that Tim will come to realize that he is under attack and that he will have the courage to fight with all that God has to offer him. Pray for his eyes to be opened to the truth of what is happening so he will be prepared for battle. Give him the will to fight for his marriage, his children, and all that was once precious to him. In Jesus' name!
July 12:
Thank you for helping my daughter Ellen succeed in getting the housing that she needs right now.
July 12:
Please keep praying for myself and my job.
Please help my son to give up addition. My sister is going through rough time. My moms health.
July 7:
Hi, This request is regarding my job, I joined a new job about 6 months back. I was very happy once when I joined. But unfortunately this dream was short lived. Once I joined what I have come to know and realize is the process for which I have been hired is in an extremely difficult and poor performance standards. There are a lot people related issues and also there is a lot of politics within the team members. The clients are also not very easy to handle. Overall the work culture and ethics is very negative. We are humiliated by our own management and Clients. I have started feeling so demotivated and negative. Don’t feel like coming to work. Not matter what I do seems never good enough for the management. There is so much of unwanted pressure and stress that I feel trapped and suffocated. There is no mental peace. I am now practically working for 18 hours a day and yes I am unhappy. Please pray for my Job that God will bless it and make it success also to pray for all the stakeholders who are part of this process to be in perfect peace and harmony. Also pray that God gives us the wisdom to handle all situations and work in his guidance and improve the process and performance. Also please pray if I have to move another job then please pray for another job opportunity. Regards Sheina
July 7:
Please pray my son gets off drugs and finds salvation with God.  
July 5:
Good day, please pray for me. My home is in foreclosure and scheduled to be sold at an auction in a few days. I am a victim of predatory lending,and the bank is only interested in taking my home. My baby and I have nowhere to turn to. Please pray for me. My financial life needs a breakthrough. Thanks for your prayers.
July 3:
Please keep praying for my husband Tim and for our marriage. Tim is just so lost and he is taking steps to end our marriage. He refuses to even consider trying reconciliation. Please pray that the barrier preventing him from trying will be eliminated. I lift this up to God and declare His victory. Just as someone has come into Tim's life to temp him away, I know God will send someone to bring Tim back to the Lord and back to our marriage.
July 3:
Please pray for Glenn, father of eight, who is near death.
July 3:
Please pray for me.  Due to some bad choices, my job is not going well. I do not want to loose it and know prayer is important.
July 1:
Prayer request is for rain.
Other Things You Can Be Praying For:
Read through The Cornerstone newsletter archives and download the the weekly prayer list, here.
Adopt one of our missions in prayer and be an integral part of UALC supported missions around the world and down the street. Make a commitment to one of our global, domestic or student missions and take the praises and concerns of our missionaries before the throne of God. Find out more information about Missions Prayer, here.
Prayer Line

Let Us Pray for You

The Prayer Line is for everyone who desires prayer for any need. Details here. Your requests will remain confidential, and prayer begins immediately. Read the Public Prayer Requests here.
Caring for Our Neighbors

Find Support in Times of Need

Find information about the Food Pantry, Clothes Shop, ESL classes and more. 
Celebrate Recovery

Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups

Celebrate Recovery® is a Bible-based 12-step program that's designed for both those who struggle with hurts, habits and hang-ups. Find details.
The Cornerstone Newsletter

The Cornerstone Newsletter

Download the current issue, or browse through issues from the past few months. Find the list.