Sunday, January 21, 2018
Pray Without Ceasing

Join Us as We Pray

These requests have been submitted through our online Prayer Line. Please use these requests and praises as a help in your prayer time, or find a link below for other current prayer lists.

Online Prayer Requests:

January 19:
Please pray for my husband, Tim. Heavenly Father, please help Tim to find his way back to you, back to me and back to living the truth of your word. We don't know what he needs, Lord, but you do. We trust you fully and we surrender him to you and to your will for our life together. Amen

January 18:
Please help me to pray for Timothy. Please pray for his deliverance from addiction, generational curses and restlessness. Please pray that he finds peace, joy and himself in God.

January 18:
Heavenly Father-God. I Come before you today to ask for a financial blessing to improve my life. My faith keeps me strong, and I know you will provide for me and the people I love. I do not seek a large sum of money. I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts or luxury. I only ask for enough money to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress. Give me the means to do your work, and spread your Love. I have so much to give, if only I were allowed the chance. In Jesus Name.

January 18:
I am asking for prayers for my good friend Nick. He has been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma It is the type of curable - however, it is in his throat and neck. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured with chemo just radiation. His pain is so severe. He is supposed to intake 3000 calories a day. But because it is so painful, he can only eat buttered noodles & Ensure. He said anything cold sets him into orbit. He has ten more treatments to go. He tells me that docs said that the pain would be toughest in the last two weeks. He is such a good person. Please prayer for relief from pain and an to be cancer free. Thank you so much.

January 17:
My mom is scheduled to have Proximal Femur Replacement surgery tomorrow. Last year she broke her femur and had surgery to install a metal rod to help heal her leg. This past weak the rod broke, necessitating the second surgery. Please pray that the surgery is successful, that mom finds peace and the mom will be able to walk again. Blessings and thank you for your prayers!
January 13:
Please pray for my husband James to stop smoking. I just want him healthy because we are newlyweds and I want a lifetime with him.  Also, please pray for my husband James and I for fertility.  We really want to have children.  Please bless us O Lord.  Thank you for your ever presence in mine and my husbands life.  Please let us be blessed with a child.
January 13:
Not feeling well and alot of my family is also sick at this time. The flu in our area is killing people, and the hospitals are full. I'm worried about this, and I don't want to be sick or get my daughter sick. My young nieces and nephews, and older sister and grandmother are very sick. Please pray for us. Help my family heal.
January 12:
Galen got a message about his job alluding to cuts and that they want to consider him for another role. He spoke with his boss who said that he is not in jeopardy, but others may be and that they like him and see a need for a sales project coordinator to get some more sales put through the pipeline. He and another person are being considered for the role. He is supposed to interview Monday or Tuesday. So we just give God glory in advance for whatever He will do. Thanking Jesus for our friends in Christ.
January 12:
Appreciate your bold prayers over my tests from today. I had a follow up mammogram and sonogram and the Diagnostic Radiologist told me that I have two masses in my left breast, and she "is worried they are breast cancer." I BELIEVE IT IS NOT. PLEASE PRAY IN AGREEMENT WITH ME.  She's asked that my doctor order a needle biopsy or to have me see a surgeon. I really don't want to go back to them as I feel in my heart I need to be with the North Baptist Hospital Breast Center and the Christian doctors I met with recently about my book.Will you please pray for the doctor's wisdom to refer me there and for any and all further tests to reveal ABSOLUTELY NO CANCER, ALL IS BENIGN, TO HIS GREAT WILL AND GLORY. PLEASE PRAY IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH ME. THANK YOU! I HAVE NO DOUBT AND MY FAMILY HAS NO DOUBT, JESUS HAS THIS AND THAT THIS IS NOT BREAST CANCER. I've had a mass and lump before and God just took them away. PRAYING FOR THAT, TOO. YEAH JESUS! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH ALWAYS! AMEN JESUS...TO GOD'S GLORY!
January 10:
Hi, My name is Jason. I am not happy with myself these days because of life and mental struggles/issues/problems. I have some problems/issues with friends these days and I feel that people and the society are angry/upset/hating me for whom I am. I want to start new in 2018 but it has been very difficult with many past and current issues/problems. I have a lifelong battle living with high functioning autism, stress and anxiety and other bad feelings.  I want things to be better going forward not going backwards to the bad and horrible things. I just hope for 2018 to be better for me spiritually and mentally and physically. I also hope for people, society and peers to treat me better and be forgiving about the current and past issues and problems.  Pray for 2018 to be a new start to move forward and try to forget the bad past. Can you also pray for Grace Lee and Ann Park to continue to be my friends and that Grace Lee will come back to the churchs' hope ministry this year.  Thanks, Jason, Arcadia,California .U.S.A.
January 8:
Please pray for my son his wife and my granddaughter Clara. Keep them happy healthy and safe physically and emotionally. Bless their marriage Lord.
January 2:
Please Pray for our family and our son Robby as we start this new year.

January 1:
Holy Father, I pray for Tim. Please restore his hope. His life and our life together is in ruin and we desperately need your intercession. Please place your loving hand on his heart and mend what is broken. Bring restoration to our marriage and my family and lead us down the path of your choosing. We surrender all to you and we trust you fully to make our hearts pure again, and to bring love back into our home. Amen.
December 25:
I would be grateful for prayers on this Christmas day for an immediate deliverance from an unacceptable work environment. I have interviewed for other jobs and I am waiting to hear back from any of them. Please pray for me to be granted one of those jobs as immediately as possible. Even over the holiday.
December 22:
For my father-in-law who recently had surgery and just had either a stroke or seizure.

December 22:
I am in great need of prayer for my vision and health. I have been to many doctors with no avail including a surgeon specialist. I have been having a terrible time with extremely bad after images, light sensitivity, bad flashing lights spots and shadows.  My eyes are also extremely painful and red the worst pain I've ever experienced which has also been unexplainable. I Know my God alone can heal absolutely every single thing wrong with me and I Pray more than I ever he will. Any and all Prayer is greatly greatly needed and appreciated more than you know. Thank you so much and God bless all. Aaron H. Hardyville, KY.

December 20:
Please pray for Sheree Sue P. She has just been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and she needs a miracle.
December 15:
Holy Father, I pray for Tim. Please restore his hope. His life and our life together is in ruin and we desperately need your intercession. Please place your loving hand on his heart and mend what is broken. Bring restoration to my family and lead us down the path of your choosing. We surrender all to you and we trust you fully to make our hearts pure again, and to bring love back into our home. Amen
December 12:
For my son Izaac.
December 11:
Please Pray for our Son Robby. Thank you. 

December 10:
Christopher Utrata, age 47 died yesterday in an auto accident. He leaves behind a wife and 2 year-old child, his parents and sister and her family. His dad works with my husband. Please pray for all of them at this difficult time and for the strength and peace to move forward without him. Thank you.

December 10:
Please pray for my father and brother for protection from evil and from the devil. They are going through a rough time and are trying to quit several addictions and the devil does not take kindly to people seeking God's face,,,so please pray for their protection. Thank you.
December 6:
Please pray for healing and strength for my husband Andrew. He is suffering with severe back pain and the doctors have been unable to find the cause. He financially supports our family and fears that he will not be able to continue working, he has struggled every day for months to just make it through one more work day, he is physically and mentally exhausted. Please pray for healing both physically and mentally for my husband that he will be free from his pain and worry and he will feel and know the power of prayer. Thank you!
December 5:
We are undergoing our final attempt with medical intervention to try to conceive our second child. Financially we can't pursue this any further. I'm struggling with anger toward the Lord for not bringing us the gift of another child. I ask for prayers to help lead me toward the strength I need to get through this time. I need help in accepting this as His plan.
December 4:

Please pray for the Lord’s complete healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing) and pain / anxiety relief for: me (Sean) and all my family and relatives, Marie G., Jackie and Rich L., Larry P., Walter O. and John, Doe S., Darlene V., John F. Jr., Judy A., Janice U., Toni K. and Cleda, Roger C. and Jack C., Kipp T., Peter (church friend), for all who belong to the Lord (THE BODY / CHURCH OF CHRIST), all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

December 4:
Our family needs prayer for my husband who desperately needs work. His name is Tim. We've had a rough few years financially. I want to offer praise as well; our son had an appendicitis last week and, though very stressful, he is fine after having it removed. Pray that Tim can get a job so we can pay for these extra bills.
November 30:
Thank you for praying for my Mom Ginny, for restoration of health according to God's will and Healing. Mon 12/4 she will have an EUS/ERCP procedure to biopsy a suspicious spot on her pancreas and to assess other GI issues. She is still very slowly recovering from Spinal Fusion surgery that was on 10/5/17. Thank you and God bless you for your prayers.
November 28:
Please pray for my daughter Patricia who has given up her faith and now professes that she doesn't believe in God due to some horrible things that happened to her. I believe the prayer of the righteous avail much so I humbly ask all God's children to join me in breaking the strongholds over her life in Jesus name!

November 28:
Please pray for my cousin Katie Lauren Hallstrom. She's in her early 20s she has three types of lupus of the brain. The doctors have told her she has a year to live. She is married with 3 children ages 3 and under. She has had a very difficult life!! God bless her!! Thanks so much!!!

November 27:
Please stand in agreement with me: Father, I lift Tim up to you. Lord, I pray that today he will humble himself to you and ask for your help. He's been trying for too long to figure things out on his own and he's overwhelmed and confused, and he's allowed himself to be led away from you and from your word. Please, Father, through my faith and the faith of those praying with me, give Tim courage to bow before you and confess what ever it is he needs to confess. Help him to accept your forgiveness, and to feel your grace wash him clean. Make him the righteous man he once was and the man you made him to be. Please, heal his heart and make him new in Christ Jesus. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, open his his eyes and heart to see and to follow your will for him and for our family. I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen

November 23:
Please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, I am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working. Please pray for Damianus Aditya Christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him,  Everyone tells me to forget and leave it.  They keep pressing me. I cried, it's not so easily as they say and imagine.  I feel so traumatized,  I have been struggling with depression and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You know my pain God, You always know what is happening  because You see everything from a most hidden corner, Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart.  I depend on you and still hope.  If God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus Aditya Christie's heart for me, He means a lot to me. I really love him and am disappointed with him at the same time. I can't touch his heart.  Only God can change people's hearts. Please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities because God, You have power to help me. If you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful.  Teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle. Thank you.
November 20:
Please join me in praying for a struggling couple: Lord, thank you for all that you've blessed them with. They have so much to be thankful for, their beautiful children and a beautiful home. Lord, please restore love and unity to their marriage. Help them both to do what is necessary to refocus on their commitment to eachother and resist the temptation to look to others for companionship and comfort. Remind them both of the qualities that attracted them to one another, and teach them to love eachother unconditionally through the ebb and flow of everyday life and raising a family. Restore their commitment to their marriage covenent and help them to move forward, together according to your plan and in obedience to your word. Holy Spirit, guide their hearts and teach them to live as one again. Thank you for always being present in their lives even at times when they are feeling lost, and thank you for your forgiveness and grace when they fail to live up to your commands. Help them to seek your will for their family and follow that will into their future togeth at. Restore hope to their relationship and, through faith,mend what is broken and heal their hearts as only you can. Amen
November 18:
Please, please pray for my marriage and for my husband. He is really struggling to do what is right. He's been unfaithful though he won't admit it and although I've made it very clear that I love him and can get past this, he insists that there's no hope for our marriage. He's a really good man who made a huge mistake and i think guilt and shame are preventing him from getting past it. Please pray that he will have the courage to face what He's done and to ask God's forgiveness. Pray that he can get past this with me and work to restore our marriage and our family. He's so close to destroying our life together and tearing our children apart. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reach him in a way that I Can't, before he takes this too far. I know so many people have needs and i thank you for praying for ours.
November 16:
Please pray for my husband James the he would put the Lord first and honor our marriage. That he would put the Lord first in our finances. Pray that the Lord, would bless my husband's work. that he would be diligent and prosperous and given favor both with the Lord and man. That he would be the head and not the tail. That everything he does prospers.Pray that no weapon formed against us would prosper. That the Lord would give him wisdom and discernment. Pray that the Lord would give him strength to walk into opportunities he provides. That the Lord, would infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and heal the past wounds of my husband's heart. Pray the Lord would guide my husband as the leader of our home. Help my husband's parenting to reflect Jesus Christ to our children. May his leadership skills be empowered by the mind of Jesus Christ. Pray the Lord would lead my husbands hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community and church. Also please pray a guard over his heart, mouth and mind, Jesus. Also to protect him from temptation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly pray for him to have encouraging and godly friendships. Break any soul times or relationships that are not from the Lord. In Jesus Name Amen.
November 15:
Please pray for Diane and for her family. Please pray for God's blessing on her marriage. Pray that God will bond her heart to her husband and that they will learn what it means to be one through marriage again. I don't know if her husband realizes that he needs to fight for his marriage. Please ask for God's intervention to give both Diane and her husband a moment of clarity to see that their marriage is in jeopardy. Pray that they will have to courage to re-commit to their marriage covenant and learn to love one another unconditionally, Amen.
November 15:
Please stand in agreement with me and pray for my husband, Tim. Tim is lost, broken and ready to end our marriage. Pray with me that God will intervene and give Tim the moment of clarity that he desperately needs. Please pray that Tim's heart will turn back to God and, in turn, back to me. Pray that he will again value our marriage covenant enough to do what is necessary to mend our relationship and restore our marriage. Our children need US! Pray that Tim will see that! In Jesus' name, Amen.
November 14:
Please dear devoted believers.  I am requesting prayers for my dearest cousin. Her name is Patricia. She has many health issues and is in severe incapacitating misery. Her hip is unbearable. She is through the glory of God a breast cancer survivor but cost of many treatments left her body damaged greatly. She has faith stronger than most I have met and knows God has delivered her life for a purpose. She touches so many with her kind heart and soul...You have no idea how truly blessed you are if she places you under her wing. I know because I am one of them. Please pray that her worries and woes are lifted. Pray that all the painful nights and day she suffers fade away so she can care for the flock she lovingly tends. We need her well to do God's work
November 14:

How people of faith have stepped up to show the love of Jesus to Sutherland Springs families this week! Thank you to everyone who has shown this church love!  The funerals are being held at River Oaks Baptist Church all week.  I'd appreciate your bold prayers for these families as they suffer the intense loss and grieving for their loved ones. God bless you as you keep them and area churches helping in prayer for God's power at work, wisdom, peace and Jesus' Love. Thank you so much!

November 13:
Please let our house sell and our marriage heal.

November 13:
Prayers needed as my siblings & I make funeral arrangements today for our Dad who went to heaven yesterday. He was 97 years old. He was an awesome Dad to my brothers & I. He was well until Tuesday when he fell at the long term care facility in Windsor, Canada. He broke his hip, was hospitalized but due to his failing heart, liver, and kidneys he was at a major risk of not surviving the surgery. So he was transported back to the long term care facility where the familiar/ loving staff could attend to him, keep him comfortable & pain free. There was a constant vigil at his bedside. My siblings, my Mom and I were at his bedside as he took his last breath. My Dad was a vet and he died the day after Veteran's day.
November 11:
Requesting prayer for family members who need salvation: Matthew Ivette Melanie Stephanie Doreen Jeff Erin Taylor Thank you so much!
November 10:
Please Pray for our family and especially for our son Robby.  He seems to be going backwards.
Novemmber 8:
Please intervene God. I'm hurt inside. No matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working. Please pray for Damianus Aditya Christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him. Everyone tells me to forget and leave it, I feel so traumatized. I have been struggling with depression and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You know my pain God. You see everything. Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart. if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus Aditya Christie's heart for me, Only God can change people's hearts. Please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. Teach me how to remain grateful. Teach me to let go. Teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle. Thank you.
November 7:
Please pray for my mothers health and strength to be restored.That her kidney problems will be treatable without damage. That she will be a candidate for heart surgery and it will go well and without complications and that she will heal quickly and properly without infection or complication. Please pray that her liver will recover. Please pray for complete and total healing for my Mom Linda Newcomb. Thank you and God bless you.
November 6:
Please pray for Sylvia. That her kidney problems will be treatable without damage or failure and that her colonoscopy and colon surgery will go well and without complications and that she will heal quickly and properly without infection or complication. Please pray that her heart is healthy as well. Please pray for complete and total healing for my Mom Sylvia. Thank you and God bless.

November 6:
Please pray for my family. Pray for my children who have seen changes in their dad. They don't understand what is happening and they are feeling insecure and confused. They just want to know that he still loves us and that he still loves God. Pray for my husband who is struggling with his faith, his commitment to our marriage, and who is seeking happiness in all the wrong places. Pray that he will open his heart and allow God back in. And pray for me. Pray that God will give me strength to hold on through this storm. Pray that he will help me to continue to love my husband and to fully surrender our circumstance to the only one who can fix it. God is so much bigger than what we are facing and we are so blessed, but we've lost our way and we need the Lord to lead us back.

November 6:
We recently found out that my Father-in-Law's cousin and wife were among those that were killed in the church shooting in TX. I ask for prayers for their family and of course for them and their everlasting life with the Lord.
November 4:
I am a nineteen-year-old college student that currently lives with my father. Right now, I have a near-constant desire to leave this home and move somewhere else, Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go. Please pray for a road to be opened so that I may leave without being homeless. This is not an arbitrary feeling. My father is an abusive, bitter, addict who has no desire to do better in his own life or treat others better. I also cannot talk about religion with him.  He is an almost militant atheist you could say. This feels more like a need than a desire to be honest.
November 3:
Please pray I'll be released from drug addiction. I have backsliden horribly because of it. I feel hopeless and lost. I don't know what else to do!
November 1:
Please pray for Diane and her husbsnd: Lord, you know what is in Diane's heart and you know the struggle her marriage is facing. Please help her to refocus her heart toward her husband. Help her to remember why she loves him and give her the courage to recommit herself to him, and to resist seeking love from any other man. Lord, help her to see the devastating impact she is having, not just on her family, but on ours. I don't know her husband but you do, Lord. Please give him what he needs so that he can lift her up and love her despite any difficulties they have had in their relationship, and any brokenness that either of them are dealing with. Please, Jesus, bring about the breakthrough that they need to restore love, commitment and unity to their marriage. In Jeses' name, Amen!
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