Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Lectors provide the public reading of the Bible in worship. Contact Lector team leaders, see who is reading, or access a scripture-locater service and pronunciation guide.    

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       Lytham Road    July-September

Worship Times

Lectors read during worship. View worship times.

Pronunciation Guide

Find many Bible pronunciations, go to

Bible Gateway

Looking for scripture or a different version? Go to  


Lytham Road Sanctuary Coordinator: Lynn Berridge
Mill Run Sanctuary Coordinator: Katie Borden
Mill Run Xalt Coordinator: Katie Borden
Lytham Road Xalt Coordinator: Steve Bruns
Celebration, Sanctuary and Family Worship

Sanctuary or Celebration Worship

Led by a praise team with some liturgical elements. Listening assist devices at Mill Run, Lytham Road.


Traditional Worship

Traditional Worship

Hymns and liturgy with organ and choir accompaniment.


Xalt Worship

Xalt Worship at Mill Run or Lytham Road

Bring your coffee... an alternative worship experience with a band and lots of singing.