Saturday, March 23, 2019

Pastors and Executive Staff

Steve Turnbull

Steve Turnbull

Senior Pastor
Office at LR

Jeff Morlock

Pastor, Care and Adults 65+
Office at LR

Katie Borden

Director of Worship
Office at MR

Lee Anne Otto

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Office at LR

David Bowersox

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Office at LR
Brodie Taphorn

Brodie Taphorn

Campus Pastor, Mill Run
Office at MR

Buff Delcamp

Pastor, Prayer & Holy Spirit
Office offsite

Paul Ulring

Pastor, Visitation
Office offsite

Dave Mann

Pastor, Missions & Internationals
Office at LR
Joe Valentino

Joe Valentino

Campus Pastor, Lytham Road
Office at LR
Jack McClintock

Jack McClintock

Marketing and Communications Director

David White

Pastor, Families, Youth & Children
Office at MR

UALC Staff


Jane Alderman

Data Entry
Specialist (MR)

Alex Bacon

Technology Specialist (MR)

Becki Bork

Director of Congregational Care (LR)

Jodi Coleman

Director, UALC
Christian Preschool & Kindergarten (LR)

Jessica Efird 

Special Events Coordinator (MR)

Kim Emch  

Hilliard Ministries

Steve Gill  

Director of Worship Technology (MR)

Wanda Hairston

Human Resource Manager (LR)

Jennifer Jerrome

Director of Small Groups (LR)

Susan Jones 

Receptionist (LR)

Linda Keller  

Accountant (LR)

Elizabeth Lake

Nursery Coordinator & Kids' Church Manager

Marilyn Loscocco 

Scheduling/Resource Manager (MR)

John Mellor 

Maintenance Technician

Lawrence Nunamaker

Facilities Manager

Kelsey Payne

Director of Middle School Ministry (MR)

Eve Peratopoulos

Technology Support Specialist (MR)

Carole Roys

Information Technology Manager (MR)

Tori Short

Wedding Director (offsite)

Nancy Sloan

Communications Specialist (MR)

MaryAnn Smith

Special Events Coordinator (LR)

Steve Snyder

Logistics Coordinator

Brent Seymour

Asst. Building Facilitator

Kirsten Svendsen

Communications Project Manager (MR)

Andrea Taphorn

Director of Children's Ministry (MR)

Aaron Thompson

Minister for Teaching & Worship (MR)

Bob White

Security Director (offsite)

Jon Zawodny

Director of High School Ministry (MR)