Saturday, July 21, 2018

What does an effective church look like?

When we put our Mission, "To be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ,"
into action, the Holy Spirit gives us a vision of our future.

How will our Vision transform our church?

Here are four shifts in our direction:

1) Build up the Kingdom of God

• Move away from being primarily spectators or consumers
• Put a lower priority on our own conveniences or preferences, in favor of the needs of the lost
• Move beyond being “fans of Jesus” to true discipleship

2) Refocus our view outward

• No longer be Sunday-centered; we worship God every day with our thoughts, words and deeds
• No longer be church building-centered; move out of the pews and interact with the world around us

3) Develop people instead of programs

• Look for and invest in new leaders, especially in younger generations
• Empower and equip our people to disciple others 

4) Form effective partnerships

• Join forces with ministry partners who are already doing God’s work
• Focus less on church membership, more on strengthening ministries

New Member Event

Thinking About Joining Our Church Family?

Get more info and sign up here for the next New Member Event, offered in the fall and spring. Open to anyone, including those who have attended for a while.
Care ministries

Care and Support at UALC

Christ instructs us to help each other. If you need support dealing with life issues, or can give support to others, find out more about our care ministries.
Invest in Someone's Life

Serve God by Serving Others

Live out your faith by investing your time and talents in someone's life. Find one-time activities and ongoing projects.