Monday, March 30, 2020
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We want to help everyone support each other. If you can help someone else but aren't sure what's needed, or if you need some help and aren't sure how to ask, use the forms below. You can also reach out to our campus pastors | Joe Valentino | Brodie Taphorn
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Neighborhood Resources

These organizations have support systems to meet needs, or help others, in our area:

Daily and Weekly Resources

Daily Bible Readings

Follow our Daily Bible Readings to read along with us in your daily devotions. You can also follow our blog. Click here for the resources.

UALC Live on the 9's

Daily live broadcast on Facebook at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. These posts are intended to encourage you, empower you to follow Jesus during this time and connect to your church family.  Click here for Live on the 9s.

Youth Connect

Children and teens age 3 through high school can find age appropriate resources and connection points. Click here for Youth Ministries.

Other Resources and Communication

Email from UALC Leadership

Building Closure

Most activities, including worship, will be suspended until further notice. Click here to access the letter from Pastor Steve regarding this decision.
Upcoming Event:
Red Cross Blood Drive – In honor of Sam Short
Thursday, April 2, 11:30 am–5:30 pm at Lytham Road. To donate click here. Sponsor code is "UALC."

Online Resources

For additional online resources, visit our weekly resource page | click here.
Daily Readings

Want a Richer Experience on Sunday Mornings?

Use our reading guide to keep you in God's Word each day. Find the daily reading guide to complement the Sunday lessons. You can download the monthly bookmark, too.
Care ministries

Care and Support at UALC

Christ instructs us to help each other. If you need support dealing with life issues, or can give support to others, find out more about our care ministries.
Invest in Someone's Life

Serve God by Serving Others

Live out your faith by investing your time and talents in someone's life. Find one-time activities and ongoing projects.