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Senior Pastor Update

A Word From Pastor Steve
October 4, 2018

Hi, everyone!
Some of you may have missed our recent congregational meeting. I took some time there  to talk about where we’re going as a congregation. In particular, I shared some vision for where we’re going in our worship life together. In case you missed that, I’d like to share especially the part about worship with you here.
In our worship life, we are aiming to grow in five areas:
  1. Vital Spirituality. We come to worship for God. We come to pray, to honor God, to learn to follow Jesus. Worship is vertical, and we’re aiming up. Fortunately for us, God is also aiming down!
  2. Warmth. This can seem a little vague. But it’s real. And it matters. It’s something you sense among people. It’s an intangible that says “We’re glad to be here, and we’re glad you’re here.” It may be vague, but it’s something we all value and want to experience.
  3. Vulnerable Authenticity. You’re a mess and so am I. We need grace for our brokenness. We’re aiming for worship to be a safe place for people with hurts and struggles to meet the Savior with His grace and healing.
  4. Intergenerational Engagement. We’re going to love and disciple all generations and call all generations to reach and serve our children and youth, as we believe we are called to do. We will raise up the next generation in an intergenerational family of Christ.
  5. Gospel Sermons. We all need Jesus. The world needs Jesus. We’re going to proclaim the beauty and power of Jesus, especially striving to engage the un- and under-churched families of the children and youth we’re called to serve.

Those are our goals. Here’s what we’re going to do:
  1. We are challenging our pastors and worship planners to plan worship with these goals specifically in mind.
  2. We’re going to keep Mill Run with a 9:00 am Sanctuary and 10:30 am Xalt service. This means some of you are sacrificing your preferences. First, thank you. Second, I hope you’ll find that it’s worth it. I think we can worship better together and reach these goals I’ve described by focusing on this simpler schedule.
  3. We’re exploring ways to make our spaces warmer, more welcoming, and a better match to our services.
  4. What about Lytham Road? We’re pursuing the same goals in worship. There may be some schedule or format changes we need to make, but I don’t think we’re ready to do that yet.

Here’s a video that explains this further:

Steve Turnbull video
If you’d like to access a recording of our congregational meeting, you can find it by logging in to our online community, myUALC. If you have further questions, please send them to Thanks for being a part of the UALC family!
To be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Steve
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