Monday, November 20, 2017

LIFEwalk Ministry

For those who need a little more of Jesus for awhile.

What is the  Ministry?

LIFEwalk is a Bible-based prayer ministry committed to the encouragement of people who are going through a difficult time in their lives. It is not counseling. We believe that God is sufficient for all our needs, but sometimes people need help seeking Jesus in the midst of a personal crisis.

A LIFEwalk Ministry team consists of two LIFEwalk ministers (“helpers”) who will meet and pray regularly with someone in need (a “seeker”) for nine to twelve weeks. Team members practice good listening and prayerful encouragement. LIFEwalk is intended as short-term care, and a bridge to connecting seekers to the church community.

How do I use it?

Completion of the form is your formal request to work with a LIFEwalk Team.Click hereto submit the online Team Request below or you can download a PDF form here. Return it to the church, attention LIFEwalk. Contact Kim Greene, with questions.
You will be contacted to confirm your request, and LIFEwalk Ministry members will prayerfully discern the team. Please note that the discernment process can take up to a few weeks. If you have an urgent need, members of the LIFEwalk Triage Team can meet with you in the interim. After participants have accepted the call to serve, you will be contacted and informed of their names. A team member will contact you to schedule a meeting time and discuss the next steps.

Your LIFEwalk Ministers, and those involved in the discernment process, hold all information in confidence. If we believe your safety is in question, a pastor may be consulted.

Team Request Form

I have read the above and understand the purpose of the LIFEwalk Ministry Teams.
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To submit a request, fill out all the information below:
Name:     Age: 
Marital Status: 
If married, does your spouse know you've contacted us?
Please indicate how (home phone, cell, work or email) you would like to be contacted:
Home Phone:   
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Church affiliation:   

Who referred you to this ministry?

With what groups, ministries and activities have you been involved?

If you are new to UALC, who are some of your acquaintances there?

What days and times are you available to meet on a weekly basis?

Are you under the care of a counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist? If so, who, for how long, and for what?

What are your expectations of this ministry?

What is the main issue with which you are struggling, right now?

Where do you feel God is in your life right now?

What, if any, additional information do you believe would be helpful for your team to know?


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