Saturday, February 24, 2018
King of Kings Lenten Series
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Worship Series

How much would you have to trust someone to make them "king" over you? To give someone sovereign and complete control over your decisions, your resources, your future, even your life? For most of us, that's a level of trust we've not been willing to put into a person. We're skeptical of institutions, frustrated with bosses, cynical about politicians, and increasingly cautious about our favorite celebrities. It gets tempting to think that giving anyone power or authority is just asking for trouble.

And then, there's Jesus. Jesus boldly claims to be king, and even more startlingly, demands our surrender. "Repent and believe," he tells us. "If you love me, obey my commands," he urges. What do we make of his claim to the throne? Are we truly willing to surrender control over our lives in order to experience the Kingdom? In this series, we'll press into this hard question and examine this Jesus who claims to be King and asks for full rule and reign over our lives.

Will we bend the knee to King Jesus?

Before the Throne (Ash Wednesday) (Psalm 51:1-17) – Pastor Brodie Taphorn, Pastor Jeff Morlock, Andrew Fuller, Pastor David White, Aaron Thompson
The Crowned King (Mark 1:1-15) – Pastor Dave Mann, Pastor Jeff Morlock, Pastor Buff Delcamp, Carl Schweisthal
The Powerful King (Mark 2:1-12) – Pastor Dave Mann
The Loving King (Mark 2:13-17) – Joe Valentino
The Life-Changing King (Mark 7:1-23) – Pastor Brodie Taphorn
The Surprising King (Mark 8:27-9:1) – Aaron Thompson
The Coming King (Palm Sunday) (Mark 11:1-11) – Pastor Paul Ulring, Pastor Jeff Morlock, Pastor Buff Delcamp, Aaron Thompson
The Faithful King (Maundy Thursday) (Mark 14:22-26) – Pastor Buff Delcamp
The Dying King (Good Friday) (Mark 15:21-41) – Pastor Buff Delcamp, Pastor David White, Aaron Thompson, Pastor Jeff Morlock
The Risen King (Easter Sunday) (Mark 16:1-8) – Joe Valentino, Pastor Brodie Taphorn, Pastor Dave Mann, Pastor David White

Who's preaching where?

Lenten Meditation Journals

Lenten DevotionalsThis year, we will be continuing our focus on the Kingdom of God by focusing on Jesus as our King, and learning about what it looks like to come before his throne and surrender ourselves to him. What does it look like for us to give Jesus complete control over our decisions, our resources, our future, and even our lives? Because of this, we’ll be pulling back this Lent—and taking intentional time to slow down, pray, and meditate on Jesus’ life found in God’s Word. Instead of a devotional this year, we’re providing you with a Lenten Meditation Journal, as way to focus and write down what you might be hearing from God this Lent. Grab one at the Connect Center, or follow along below.


Lenten Fast

Learn about our Lenten Fast.

Despite biblical examples throughout Scripture, many of us are slow to fast. There might be reasons for this hesitation. Perhaps it's due to fear. Or perhaps, many of us are simply unaware and have never attempted fasting. This Lent, your church leadership believes it is time to invite the congregation to join us in an intentional, deliberate fast as we seek God. We hope to specifically pray for the Call Committee as they continue the search process, as well as guidance for the staff and Council as they lead. You may not realize this, but the first Tuesday of each month, our Council takes time to fast and pray—seeking God and His guidance.

So, this Lenten season we invite you to join the Council and staff in a weekly fast to seek the Lord. Take a 24-hour period, try starting in the evening, and instead of your dinner, evening snack, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack; take the time to read God's Word and pray. And then we encourage you to break your fast within community. Have dinner with a friend or family. Attend our weekly Lenten Meditation Service to sing and take Holy Communion with others. Every time you feel a little hunger pang, pray. Drink plenty of water and juice throughout the day. Enter this time with a sense of expectation that God will speak to you, so use this journal to keep track of what you feel God is saying. If you get a sense that what you feel or are hearing from God is for the congregation—not just for you—use the form below where you can share what you're hearing with Council.

Fasting from food can be a tremendous opportunity to turn our focus off the day-to-day routine and focus on God, His Word, and His people, but some of you should not be able to fast from food. Instead, we invite you to fast in a different way: fast from TV, from Facebook, from smoking, or from some other routine that will cause you to remember to pray.

Not sure how to fast? We've provided this resource with common questions and answers. Another great resource is Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline.

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Lenten Resources

There are many resources to help you through your Lenten journey, including music, books, podcasts, videos, and more. Check out a great collection at Sacred Ordinary Days.


Lenten Midweek Services

Service Schedule

Use these gatherings as opportunities to set aside some time to worship, reflect, pray, and meditate. You’ll be led through Scripture and song, guided into prayer and silence, and nourished by Christ’s body and blood through the bread and wine in Holy Communion. Bring your Lenten Meditation Journal as you listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice in this time of stillness and communion with the Lord.

Dates & Times

Lytham Road: Thursdays, February 22 - March 22 at 12:00pm with Communion. A light lunch follows in Fellowship Hall.
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Mill Run: Wednesdays, February 21 - March 21 at 6:30pm with Communion.
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Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 25 – Service Schedule

We know where the story goes—the same people declaring Jesus to be King will turn on him in the course of the week. And yet, perhaps, at least on the day of the great entry, these fair-weather followers had a leg up on us. They were actively seeking a King—a ruler, deliverer and savior. They were willing to attach themselves and even risk their lives to see God's deliverance come. Are we as desperate for a ruler in our lives today?

Lytham Road Campus (Upper Arlington)

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9:00am Traditional Service – Pastor Buff Delcamp | Share on Facebook
10:30am Celebration Service – Pastor Buff Delcamp | Share on Facebook
10:30am Xalt Service – Aaron Thompson | Share on Facebook

Mill Run Campus (Hilliard)

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9:00am Sanctuary Service – Pastor Paul Ulring | Share on Facebook
9:00am Xalt Service – Pastor Jeff Morlock | Share on Facebook
10:30am Sanctuary Service – Pastor Paul Ulring | Share on Facebook
10:30am Xalt Service – Pastor Jeff Morlock | Share on Facebook

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, March 29 – Service Schedule

Maundy Thursday is a commemoration of Jesus' last night before His crucifixion, which He spent eating with His disciples, teaching them, and praying.

We struggle with mystery. The symbolic nature of the table connects with people fairly easily. Yet, it can be hard for them to grasp that this table ritual was a communal act—not one of personal reflection, but one of allegiance. Through this act we are bound to God and to one another. At a deeper level, we trust a faithful King to keep his promise—that he is indeed present to us through the meal each time that we take it.

Lytham Road Campus (Upper Arlington)

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12:00pm Service with Communion – Pastor Buff Delcamp | Share on Facebook

Mill Run Campus (Hilliard)

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7:30pm Service with Communion – Pastor Buff Delcamp | Share on Facebook

Good Friday

Friday, March 30 – Service Schedule

Good Friday is a commemoration of the "passion" (suffering) and death on the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Many Christians spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross. The biblical account of Jesus' crucifixion (death on the cross), His burial, and His resurrection (raising from the dead), can be found in the following passages of Scripture: Matthew 27:27-28:8; Mark 15:16-16:19; Luke 23:26-24:35; and John 19:16-20:30.

The image of a cross doesn't strike much fear into us. Art like "The Passion of the Christ" help us understand the physical torment Christ suffered. But this moment is also spiritual, emotional, and political. Christ suffers in this particular way to show us the love of God, to show us the weight of sin, to indict the injustice of the oppressive empire, and to ultimately display God's power over sin, death, and the devil. The dying King is glorified in this beautiful and brutal act of sacrifice.

Lytham Road Campus (Upper Arlington)

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12:00-3:00pm Tre Ore Service: Tre Ore is translated "three hours" and represents the hours of darkness that Jesus hung from the cross before He died. It will be three hours of preaching, singing, praying, and meditating on the last seven phrases Jesus uttered from the cross. You can come anytime during the three hours and stay as long as you'd like.
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6:00pm Family Service – Pastor David White & Aaron Thompson. The meaning of Good Friday will be brought to life with engaging drama, worship music and interactive teaching for all ages.
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7:30pm Service of Darkness (Tenebrae) – Pastor Jeff Morlock. The Tenebrae is an ancient Christian Good Friday service that makes use of gradually diminishing light to symbolize the events from the triumphant Palm Sunday entry through Jesus' burial. Share on Facebook

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 1 – Service Schedule

We get to gather together every Easter to celebrate this Good News—that Christ had victory over sin, death and the devil. This is an expansive vision of the work of God! Jesus defeats the sin that binds us up, promising us deliverance in this life and the next. Christ overcomes death, descending into even hell and yet emerging unscathed, and on account of the power of God alone. Finally, we see his victory over the enemy, who plotted through human evil to destroy Christ, and yet was defeated by his very own plot. We have so much to celebrate in the resurrection of Christ! Come celebrate with us on Sunday, April 1.

Lytham Road Campus (Upper Arlington)

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9:00am Traditional Service with Communion* – Pastor Dave Mann | Share on Facebook
10:30am Celebration Service with Communion* – Pastor Dave Mann | Share on Facebook
10:30am Xalt Service with Communion* – Pastor David White | Share on Facebook

Mill Run Campus (Hilliard)

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6:30am Sunrise Service at Columbarium with Communion – Joe Valentino | Share on Facebook
8:00am Sanctuary Service – Joe Valentino | Share on Facebook
9:00am Sanctuary Service* – Joe Valentino | Share on Facebook
9:00am Xalt Service with Communion* – Pastor Brodie Taphorn | Share on Facebook
10:30am Sanctuary Service with Communion* – Joe Valentino | Share on Facebook
10:30am Xalt Service with Communion* – Pastor Brodie Taphorn | Share on Facebook


10:30am Veritas West Service with Communion – Wes Thompson

*Nursery Open

Celebration, Sanctuary and Family Worship

Sanctuary, Celebration or Family Worship

Led by a praise team with some liturgical elements. Listening assist devices at Mill Run, Lytham Road.


Traditional Worship

Traditional Worship

Hymns and liturgy with organ and choir accompaniment.


Xalt Worship

Xalt Worship at Mill Run or Lytham Road

Bring your coffee... an alternative worship experience with a band and lots of singing.