Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Depolarized - The Gospel & Politics

Resources, video teachings, podcasts, prayer guide and more available below!

Video Teaching Series With Pastor Steve

A shareable four part video  series with short (under 3-minute) messages.

Night of Teaching & Prayer with Pastor Steve

A teaching and prayer night with Pastor Steve hosted  on Oct. 2.
Check out the video of teaching below.

Podcast | Further Conversation on "The Gospel & Politics"

Starting October 9 and for the remainder of October, new podcast episodes will be released each Friday with important conversation on navigating the complexities of this current season. Click Here to access weekly podcast.

A message from Pastor Steve

The political climate of our nation is growing angrier and more divided, and it can be hard for Christians to know how to respond. It would be easy for us to ignore this. But for the sake of the Kingdom, we have to talk about it. And I think there’s real hope and power for Christians to rise above the hostility of the culture. I’d like to offer you two resources to help us grow as followers of Jesus in
turbulent times:

  • Please join our church family in prayer. In our Sunday worship and our Daily Worship resources, we’ve begun including prayers for healing the divisive polarization in our society, including prayers for racial reconciliation and justice. These are not prayers of the political right or left. These are prayers of the church of Jesus Christ, written by members of our pastoral staff. You can find some of them at

  • I think the Gospel of Jesus equips Christians to engage across political differences with less arrogance and more humility, less villainization and more collaboration, less fear and more hope.

Remember, no matter what happens at the ballot box this November, Jesus is Lord – yesterday, today, and forever. He has been in the business of saving people and building His church in every nation on earth for thousands of years.



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