Monday, November 20, 2017
Sermon Series

Affluenza: Biblical Warning & Wisdom for the Wealthy

November 5-December 3, 2017

By any global and historical standard, we are wealthy people. Even the least affluent among us has access to a quality of life that previous generations and people in developing nations could only dream of. But is the life of affluence - full of all this stuff, these busy schedules and these distractions - really a blessing? Or is it possible that what we often call blessing might actually be hurting us? Could our affluence be making us sick?
That’s what this series is all about - affluenza. We’re learning from 1 Timothy 6 about the high cost of high living, and the way our love-affair with lifestyle might be stealing life from us. Download our Affluenza Study Guide for small groups or individuals.

November 5

The Problem
The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
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November 12

The Answer: Caution
Recognize the spiritual danger in wealth and run toward the spiritual riches in worship.
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1 Timothy 6:11-16  

November 19

The Answer: Generosity
Find real treasure by being generous with your time, your talents and your resources.
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1 Timothy 6:17-19  

November 26

The Answer: Stewardship
Remember that all good gifts come from God and should be used for His glory.
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1 Timothy 6:17b, 20-21  

December 3

The Answer: Contentment
Discover the secret to being content with a little and with a lot.
Worship Text: Read or Listen
1 Timothy 6:6-8