Monday, January 21, 2019

Sermon Downloads 2019

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Spirituality for the Rest of Us (Part One)

Sermon Preacher

Waking Up

January 13, 2019
Aaron Thompson

In Awe

Sermon Preacher

The Magi's Visit

January 6, 2019
  Buff Delcamp

Listen to Past Years Sermons

Click on the link to listen to: 2018 Sermons | 2017 Sermons | 2016 Sermons | 2015 Sermons | 2014 Sermons | 2013 Sermons. Sermon series CDs from 2007 through 2012 are available to check out in our libraries at Mill Run and Lytham Road.

Audio and Download Instructions

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Worship Communities

We are a congregation of communities. Below is a list of the abbreviations from above. To find out more about each community, click here.
    LRT:    Lytham Road Traditional (9:00 am)
    LRC:   Lytham Road Celebration (10:30 am)
    LRX:   Lytham Road Xalt (10:30 am)
    MRS:  Mill Run Sanctuary (9:00 am)
    MRX:  Mill Run Xalt (10:30 am)